These monthly newsletters aim to keep all member networks updated with news describing how to get involved, as well as information of relevant events, services and new initiatives from the RSC Networks team. If you require further information about any of the items in the newsletter, or have any comments or ideas for content please contact the Networks team.

Committee members and representatives are encouraged to disseminate this information, as appropriate, to colleagues and other members. E-alert request forms can be downloaded from the Useful Forms and Documents page. Up to date lists of members can be obtained by emailing the Networks Team.

Networks Newsletter April 2017

Dear all,

We’re getting ready for the regional meetings and regional steering group meetings – hopefully with the move to May we’ll have better weather for everyone travelling this year. We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone and meeting our newest members in each region.
Upcoming Administration Deadlines
13 April             Deadline for E-alerts going out on 20th April
21 April             Deadline for Awards for Service and Inspirational Member & Inspirational Committee Awards
27 April             Deadline for E-alerts going out on 4th May
27 April             Deadline for Chemistry Week grant applications
11 May              Deadline for E-alerts going out on 18th May
25 May              Deadline for E-alerts going out on 1st June
 8 June             Deadline for E-alerts going out on 15th June
Upcoming Events
24 - 25 April               Local to you Career Consultations, Bournemouth
26 April                       Member Network committee meeting, London
2 May                          Scotland Regional Steering Group meeting, Glasgow
4 May                           North West Regional Steering Group meeting, Manchester
8 - 10 May                    Local to you Career Consultations, Glasgow
10 May                         Eastern Regional Steering Group meeting, Cambridge
11 May                         Midlands Regional Steering Group meeting, Nottingham
16 May                         South West Regional Steering Group meeting, Bristol
17 May                         Wales Regional Steering Group meeting, Swansea
2 – 18 May                   Regional Meetings (see below for more details)
5 - 7 June                    Local to you Career Consultations, Dundee St. Andrews
19 - 21 June                Local to you Career Consultations, Manchester
14 July                          New Officers Briefing day, Burlington House, London
14 September             Celebration of Local Sections 2017, Burlington House, London
26 September             Interest Group Forum, Burlington House, London
Communications from across the RSC
Regional meetings 2017
Invitations for the Regional Meetings are currently being sent out. The venues for this year’s Regional Meetings are:
  • Glasgow, Scotland – 2nd May
    ABode Hotel Glasgow

  • Newcastle, North East – 3rd May
    International Centre for Life

  • Manchester, North West – 4th May
    Midland Hotel

  • Brighton, South East – 9th May
    Hilton Brighton Metropole

  • Cambridge, Eastern – 10th May
    Hughes Hall

  • Nottingham, Midlands – 11th May
    East Midlands Conference Centre

  • Bristol, South West – 16th May
    Armada House

  • Swansea, Wales – 17th May
    Brangwyn Hall

  • Dublin, Ireland – 18th May
    Hilton Dublin City Centre

If you have any questions about the Regional Meetings, please contact
Awards for Service and Inspirational Award
Please consider nominating your inspirational colleagues or your own committee.
The deadline for nominations for our Awards for Service and Inspirational Member and Inspirational Committee Awards is 21 April 2017.
Any member can submit a nomination for any of these awards. Guidelines and nomination forms are available online:
Annual Reports
Thank you to all the groups that have completed their annual report for 2016.
A reminder that all RSC Networks must complete their annual report form in addition to the annual financial report. The activity report will be considered by staff and whichever body our Council has nominated to oversee the activities of the network.  The reports will be put on the network’s own homepage at for their members to read and shared with relevant staff members.
Regional Steering Groups – Roles and Responsibilities
The Regional Steering Groups provide a regional governance structure for our geographical networks, allowing our members to discuss and escalate both regional and national issues.
 The purpose of the groups is to:
  • Encourage communication and collaboration between all of our member networks on a regional basis
  • Ensure that all geographical networks are encouraged to consider the needs of the full breadth of our community
  • To act as a conduit for communication between our member networks and the governance structure
  • To discuss and inform staff on matters of regional importance
It was agreed by the review panel that the purpose of these groups was not to organise any activities. 
To ensure that these groups are representative of our community each contains the following:
  • Representatives of all member networks committees in the region.
  • Representatives of specific sectors of our membership (Early Career, Academic, Industry and Interest Group) – these members are not representing any network but are asked to present their own opinion as a member of their sector.
  • Chemists’ Community Fund Regional Volunteer Coordinator
Updated brand centre user guide
Please be aware that the guidelines for our brand centre have been updated. The new guidelines are available online.

2017 Grant
We have now processed the 2017 grants for our Local Sections in the UK and Ireland and our Interest Groups. Many thanks to those committees who submitted all of their paperwork in a timely fashion.
If your committee has not yet received your 2017 grant this is likely to be because the full set of mandatory paperwork has yet to be received. To clarify please feel free to email
This newsletter including additional information from other departments is also available online
. Please feel free to encourage other members of your committee to read the newsletter online.
We welcome any feedback you have on what you would like included in this newsletter; please email any suggestions to
Kind regards,
The Networks Team
Fiona, Nic & Stephanie

Did you know?
While our Education Coordinators cannot be part of any of our member networks committees they are experts who are happy to be invited to attend a committee meeting to offer advice on any education or outreach matters.

Additional information from other departments
Analytical Training for Africa
‘Analytical Science Sans Frontieres’ It started with an old GC instrument.  Ten years on, a thriving cross-border collaboration is giving Africa’s analytical community a boost.

UK-Africa Collaboration Opportunities
We are collaborating with the Royal Society to fund International Exchanges between the UK and sub-Saharan Africa.  Up to £12,000 is available to fund travel and research costs.  Closing date 13th June 2017.

Newton- Utafiti Fund launched by Kenya and UK Governments to enable UK-Kenya collaboration.  For more information:

Pan Africa Chemistry Network (PACN)
Supporting African Science – join our LinkedIn Group or follow us on Twitter #PanAfricaChem
Posted by Stephanie Comte on Apr 3, 2017 10:06 AM Europe/London

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