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Introducing Our Updated Brand And Logo

The March 2019 Networks Newsletter sees an update about the Royal Society of Chemistry brand refresh. Contact the Networks team at with any comments or questions.

We’re very excited to announce that you will soon be seeing the results of our recent work to update our brand and logo.

About a year ago, we began the process of refreshing our brand to better support the delivery of our aims and mission, and to ensure our logo is fit for purpose in an increasingly digital world.

Our brand is our external personality and represents how we present ourselves. It encompasses who we are as an organisation and how we want to be perceived and positioned in the minds of our community.

Our member networks are one of the central ways we connect with chemical scientists across different disciplines, careers and countries. Because all of our activities work to support each other, we want our community around the world to easily recognise our activities,  services and products whenever and wherever you interact with us.

This doesn’t just apply to our logo. It’s our whole visual identity, including the colours and imagery we use, and importantly, how we tell our story. All of this together demonstrates our mission and purpose, and shows our community how we can support you.

Evolution not revolution
We conducted research with all of the different sections of our community and membership around the world to understand your perceptions of the Royal Society of Chemistry and inform our brand refresh.

Through this, we learnt that there is a lot of recognition in our current logo but it feels a bit dated and can be complicated to use. We won’t be changing it too much, but will be updating it so that it works better digitally and looks more modern.

We’ve also updated our positioning to more accurately reflect our role in the chemical sciences community and to better represent the breadth of our activities, the diverse nature of our organisation and the people we’re here to support.

Our refreshed brand will help us to communicate the impact of all of our activities more consistently and will ensure we remain modern and relevant to the needs of our community.

What do I need to do?
We’ll be rolling out the new logo and visual identity gradually, from the beginning of April, and will be in touch with updated logos for all of our divisions, interest groups and local sections to use on your materials and social media channels.

Because this is an update of our current brand, we’re not attempting to refresh everything at once. The rollout will be a gradual process, so there is no need to reprint any materials until they run out. This is more sustainable and cost effective, so you don’t need to worry about wastage.

Keep an eye out for further information on how to use our new logo and visuals in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Networks team at


Posted by Aurora Walshe on Feb 28, 2019 5:48 PM Europe/London

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