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New Process for Awarding 40-year Gold Badges

The June 2019 Networks Newsletter sees an update about the revised process for recognising long-standing members with commemorative Gold Badges. Contact our Membership team at with any comments or questions.

The Royal Society of Chemistry has 50,000 members spread across the globe, and we could not deliver our purpose without you.

We’ve recently considering how we recognise our members and their contributions to the chemical sciences community. Part of this is recognising and celebrating our long-serving members.

As many of you know, any member who has been a part of the RSC for forty years is entitled to a Gold Badge. Until recently, there was no clear process in how the gold badges were sent to members – some Local Sections requested badges throughout the year to present them to members, whereas some didn’t – making it difficult to keep track of who had received their badge and who hadn’t, and resulting in many members not receiving their badge.

In 2018, after feedback from members, our Membership team developed a process for sending the 40-year Gold Badges to members.

The process going forward

Each year, in about June, our Membership team will write to members who are in their fortieth year of membership to offer them a formal letter of recognition and Gold Badge.

For members based in the UK and ROI, our Membership team will contact the Local Sections to ask if they would like members to contact the Secretaries about receiving their badge at a member network event.

If the Local Section are happy to do this then the communication sent to the members in that Local Section will provide the contact details for the Secretary. The Secretary can contact our Membership team to request the badges and we will send them out along with formal letters to accompany the badges.

If the Local Section does not wish to be contacted – or if we receive no response – members will receive a letter informing them to contact Membership to receive their badge. Our Membership team will send the badge and letter formal to the member.

All members outside the UK and ROI will be receive a letter offering them a badge.

This is an annual process and will be done each year in June. As such, we ask that if you wish to organise events to recognise long-serving members you arrange these around when we will be sending communications out so that we can keep track of members who have received their Gold Badges.

Please contact the Membership team at if you have any queries concerning Gold Badges.
Posted by Aurora Walshe on Jun 3, 2019 8:30 AM Europe/London

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