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Brand Refresh Rollout Update

Updated member group logos
We’re pleased to be rolling out the updated logos to our member groups, and you should have received these by email from the Networks team last week, along with some guidance on how to use them.

You’ll notice that the format of the logos is slightly different from the previous versions. This is because through our extensive research with members, they told us that our logo is recognisable and that many people refer to the Royal Society of Chemistry as ‘the RSC’.

In response to this feedback and to avoid making the new logos large and unwieldy, we’ve introduced a descriptor plus the group name. This is a neater way of presenting the logo and avoids them being too large, especially when used digitally.

Each logo includes the new marque shape, which is designed to be much more like a ‘C’ in response to feedback from our community, and is recognisable as the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The type of group is on the top line, e.g. RSC LOCAL SECTION:

The name of the group is on the bottom line, e.g. ENERGY SECTOR:

Logo formats
Your new logo is available in .jpg, .png, and .ai file formats for different uses. Please use the .ai file if working with a supplier for printed materials as this is a print file type. You can use either the png or jpg logos for digital use.

In response to your feedback, the logos have been supplied with the correct exclusion zone already included, to make it easier for you to use (this is the white space around the logo). Please don’t trim this exclusion zone any further.

RSC logo and brand guidelines
You can download the brand guidelines and main RSC logo in various sizes and formats from our brand microsite: The brand guidelines are also available here:

Brand fonts
If you’re producing materials and want to use the brand fonts, you can download Bree Serif for free form Google fonts (see details in the brand guidelines). Bree Serif should only be used for headlines and large formats.

You can use Arial for all other copy and text uses, which is a standard font available on all computers.

New PowerPoint template
We have also created a new PowerPoint template in the new brand, which is available for you to download from here in both widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) format.

Brand centre
Materials available to order on the brand centre are being updated into the new brand. Everything should be updated by the end of September 2019.

About our brand refresh
You can read more about the brand refresh in this news article from April 2019 or in the brand refresh Spotlight article in the March 2019 Networks Newsletter.

Any questions, please contact

Posted by Aurora Walshe on Jul 1, 2019 10:00 AM Europe/London

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