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Highlights Of The International Year Of The Periodic Table

This month in the Spotlight we take a look back at the UNESCO International Year of the Periodic Table with Georgia Thomas, our Special Projects Officer for IYPT.

The International Year of the Periodic Table will end at the Closing Ceremony in Tokyo later this week.

We have been delighted to see all the activity that has been going on in 2019, and as IYPT draws to a close, we want to take a look at some of the highlights:
  • The RSC welcomed over 1200 visitors at 20 free to attend public lectures across the UK and Ireland in association with Science Centres, Universities and other scientific societies.   
  • We awarded £83,400 in individual and member network grants in support of 97 global projects designed to engage diverse audiences and promote IYPT to the wider public. Grants were made available to individual RSC members and to our member networks via three rounds of funding applications throughout IYPT.
  • The Story of the Periodic Table Exhibition engaged broad and diverse audiences with 1600 visitors coming to Burlington House throughout August 2019.
  • If you are working with schools for IYPT, there are some excellent education resources designed by the RSC Education Coordinators especially for IYPT.
  • Chemistry World has been publishing a variety of special IYPT-themed articles, including opinion pieces and a series of graphic novels depicting key moments in periodic table history. Read them here.
  • The RSC journals also celebrated IYPT by putting together special IYPT themed collections relating to specific elements and areas of the periodic table, take a look here.
If you want to see more of what the RSC community has been getting up to, take a look at our Community News pages.
Posted by Aurora Walshe on Dec 2, 2019 11:46 AM Europe/London

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