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Networks Newsletter – December 2019

Dear ​Colleague,

Welcome to the Networks Newsletter, our way to keep our member network committee members and representatives up to date with RSC activities, services and new initiatives.

This month’s Newsletter contains:

  • Upcoming Deadlines
  • Upcoming Events
  • Spotlight: Highlights of the International Year of the Periodic Table
  • Communications from across the RSC
  • Latest updates on our policy work

Upcoming Deadlines
10 December
10 December
12 December
12 December

01 January
07 January
09 January

13 January
15 January
07 February
24 February
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 19 December to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 2 January to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 19 December
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 2 January
Deadline for Local Section and Interest Group Top-Up Fund applications

Deadline for E-alerts going out on 16 January to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 16 January

Close of the Outreach Fund large grant applications
Nominations for 2020 RSC Prizes and Awards close
Deadline for 2019 Financial Reports
Deadline for
2019 Annual Reports

Upcoming Events
05 December
05 December
05 December
19 December
02 January
16 January
IYPT Closing Ceremony
Member e-alerts
4th Materials Chemistry Frontiers International Symposium
Member e-alerts
Member e-alerts
Member e-alerts

Spotlight: Highlights of the International Year of the Periodic Table
This month we're looking back at the International Year of the Periodic Table with Georgia Thomas, our IYPT Special Project Officer.

The International Year of the Periodic Table Closing Ceremony will be in Tokyo on Thursday 5 December. As the year draws to a close, we want to celebrate some of the highlights!

To find out more, read the full article on the Networks Newsletter blog or contact Georgia, our IYPT Special Project Officer.

Read the full article here

Communications from across the RSC
Here are updates about events and activities from our Outreach, Careers, Events, International, and Research & Innovation teams, as well as the Chemists’ Community Fund and RSC Publishing.

Changes to the RSC Networks team
We are delighted to welcome Debbie Dekker to the RSC Networks team!

Debbie spent most of her early career doing marketing at law firms and then had a career break to raise her twin girls. After her career break she worked at a technology company where one of her roles was supporting groups of external partners.

Debbie joined the Networks team on 11 November and is looking forward to working with you all!

Changes to the Rules for Member Networks
We have recently updated our rules for our member networks, you would have received an email outlining these changes in November.

The changes are important but are likely to be in line with your current working practices:
  • Inclusion of new rules on:
      - Gifts and hospitality (rule 3.3)
      - Conflict of interest (rule 3.4)
      - Safeguarding (rule 8.3)
  • Update of an existing rule (rule 7.5) outlining the requirements for approval prior to making any commitment of funds or resource. This includes bidding for peripatetic conferences.
As one of our volunteers please can we ask that you to take the time to read the updated rules and guidance notes that are available online. These rules apply to all of the member networks of the Royal Society of Chemistry and supersede any earlier documents.

Look at the new rules here

Have you nominated for our 2020 volunteer recognition awards yet?
The volunteer recognition awards are a celebration, and a reflection, of the diversity of our volunteers. Nominate an individual or an entire committee by 15 January.

Do you know someone who deserves recognition? Please remember to nominate them, don’t assume that someone else already has.

Award for Exceptional Service
This award is designed to recognise those volunteers who have made a personal impact through exceptional volunteering activities.

Inspirational Member Awards
These awards recognise the contribution of individual members who, through our member networks, have been instrumental in introducing and driving new ideas and approaches to support the full breadth of our community.

Inspirational Committee Awards
These awards recognise member networks committees that have initiated novel activities or approaches in order to engage or provide services for their communities. This should include initiatives to make the committee or events more inclusive to engage new members, an activity which has had a significant demonstrable impact in the community or other novel/significant activity which demonstrably supports our wider strategy.

Nominate an individual or an entire committee by 15 January

Annual Report training and support
The 2019 Annual Reports are due by Monday 24 February. You can complete the form here:

If you have any questions about the Annual Report form or process, please take a look at the 2019 Annual Report form and support section on the Useful Forms and Documents page where you will find the following resources:
  • A link to the video of our Introduction to the 2019 Annual Report webinar
  • The slides from our Introduction to the 2019 Annual Report webinar
  • The complete list of questions from the 2019 Annual Report form
  • A form to share with 2019 event organisers to gather the necessary information about past events
  • A form to share with 2020 event organisers to gather the necessary information about planned events
Find Annual Report support on our Useful Forms and Documents page

Have you signed up to the RSC International Networks Forum?
We have created an online forum using LinkedIn for our international Local Section committee members and International Representatives to discuss the opportunities and challenges of running a Local Section outside the UK.

Join the group to receive updates from the RSC Networks team, ask questions and share experiences.

Join the RSC International Networks Forum 

Royal Society of Chemistry Prizes and Awards
The Royal Society of Chemistry prizes and awards programme is your chance to celebrate the outstanding work happening across the scientific community – don’t forget to make your nominations by 15 January 2020.

With over
60 prizes and awards reflecting a broad spectrum of achievement, this is your chance to recognise the extraordinary individuals and teams making a positive impact for the chemical sciences. Previous winners have come from a vast range of specialisms but all have demonstrated passion, excellence and dedication deserving of recognition.

You can nominate or be nominated until 5pm (UK time) 15 January 2020.

If you want to nominate someone but need some help with the process or working out which award to nominate them for, then please get in touch with us at

Need some advice on writing a nomination? Our refreshed
guidance for nominators article highlights the key things you should be thinking about.

Who do you know that’s deserving of some recognition?

Make your nomination

The facts behind your next career decision
Earlier this year many of you contributed to our 2019 Pay and Reward Survey – and the results are out!

Read the 43rd survey report to benchmark salaries and rewards, discover what motivates today’s chemical scientist and see the impact of career breaks and additional qualifications.
If you are interested in having better conversations and negotiations with employers, personal growth or encouraging your employer to use the data in this report, keep an eye out for our new ‘Develop your career’ webinars, created using insights from the report.

Read the 2019 report

Call for nominations to our Community Boards
The Materials Horizons and Nanoscale Horizons Community Boards were created to provide a channel for communication between the early career community and the journals, and to facilitate student and postdoctoral engagement with the journals. Since then we have received some extremely useful feedback from these board members, which has helped both journals move from strength to strength. Based on the success so far, we are currently reviewing membership of our Community Boards to ensure that they accurately represent the early career research community.

Nominations for the Community Board are open now until Monday 20 January and more information is provided in this blog post. I would like to encourage you or any interested colleagues of yours to nominate an engaged and interested early career chemists working in the area of materials and/or nanoscience.

Learn more about our Community Boards

Latest updates on our policy work
With a programme of activities spanning research funding, mobility of scientists, open access, chemicals regulation, teacher supply, curriculum and much more, our goal is to shape the development of policy relevant to the chemical sciences.

Results of the Policy Priorities Survey
Thank you very much to everyone who responded to the Policy Priorities Survey sent to members in July this year. We’ve analysed the results and published this note summarising the results and saying what we are doing as a result of the survey.

The survey showed that policy work to show the role of chemistry in tackling climate change and other environmental challenges, such as the circular economy, is particularly important to members, along with research funding, sustainable chemicals management and Brexit.

The note outlines our policy priorities for 2020 and beyond, which take account of the survey feedback.

Read our Policy Priorities now

Thank you for reading!
This Newsletter has been tailored to you, but the full version can be found on the Networks Newsletter blog. Please read the online version and get in touch with suggestions for what you would like included or feedback about what we've sent you!

Send us your feedback

Kind regards,

The Networks Team
Fiona, Aurora and Debbie

Posted by Aurora Walshe on Dec 2, 2019 11:00 AM Europe/London

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