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Committee members and representatives are encouraged to disseminate this information, as appropriate, to colleagues and other members. E-alert request forms can be downloaded from the Useful Forms and Documents page. Up to date lists of members can be obtained by emailing the Networks Team.

Get The Most Out Of The Brand Centre

All Interest Groups, Local Sections and Division Regions have access to the RSC Brand Centre to order promotional items such as pens, flyers, and even pop-up stands. Here are some things you and your committee should know to help you get started:

What is the Brand Centre?

The Brand Centre is a web-based system designed to make it easier for you to create and order materials to promote the work you do to support the Royal Society of Chemistry members in your community.

Why should I use it?

The materials on the Brand Centre have been designed to maximise the impact of your promotional activities and increase awareness of your group and the Royal Society of Chemistry within the chemical sciences community.

It is also cheaper than ordering from other external suppliers; we receive bulk order discounts from Just Digital (the company behind the Brand Centre) and pass these on to you.

What can I order?

On the Brand Centre you can:

  • Create event flyers and pop-up banners;
  • Order pre-printed materials (e.g. membership and publishing information);
  • Order promotional items like branded pens
If you want to order more expensive items (such as RSC branded tablecloths), please contact the Networks team.

If you want to order bespoke fliers or postcards for your events – something beyond the available templates – then Just Digital can provide design services and coordinate with our mailing house to send these to your members, and at the same corporate rate that they would charge the RSC.

Is it free?

Each Interest Group, Local Section and AD Region committee is allocated credit for each calendar year. The Brand Centre credit is allocated to each committee in addition to the annual grant but we do ask that you use the credit only for those items that you would be happy to use your grant to pay for.

Please note:
  • The credit will reset on 1 January of each year, any unspent credit will not be carried over.
  • We will let you know when your credit drops below £100; if you exceed your annual credit, we will deduct the additional expenditure from your next annual grant.

What about international Local Sections?

We pay the postage for the first order of the year for international Local Sections. We therefore ask our members to order only promotional items as needed and to consider combining their orders into a single shipment, if possible.

We also ask you to consider the financial and environmental impact of ordering bulky items to be shipped from the UK that could, more cost effectively, be sourced locally – for example, mugs are expensive to ship but we can provide members with the correct logo files to be printed onto mugs by a local supplier. As this is not something we could easily deduct from your credit, you can include this in your annual budget request.

How do I log in?

Go to and enter your committee’s unique username and password.

Please note:
  • Only use the login details for your committee; please do not use personal email addresses as we might not be able to invoice the correct account. If you don’t know your login details, email the Networks team and we’ll send them to you.
  • If no one has logged in recently your login details may not work, email the Networks team to get your account reactivated.

Still have questions?

Visit the Promotional items and our brand section on the Useful Forms & Documents page: There you’ll find FAQs for member networks, as well as the Brand Centre User Guide.

If you have feedback or suggestions for materials to include in the Brand Centre, please let us know!

Posted by Aurora Walshe on Feb 3, 2020 12:51 PM Europe/London

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