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Networks Newsletter - September 2020

Dear ​colleague,

Welcome to the September Networks Newsletter, our way to keep our member network committee members and representatives up to date with RSC activities, services and new initiatives.

This month’s Newsletter contains:
  • Upcoming Deadlines
  • Upcoming Events
  • Spotlight: New Annual Report form for 2020
  • Communications from across the RSC
  • Latest updates on our policy work
Upcoming Deadlines
08 Sept
10 Sept
14 Sept
14 Sept
22 Sept
24 Sept
29 Sept
01 Oct
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 17 September to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 17 September
Application deadline for the Outreach Fund small and large grants
Deadline for PCCP Emerging Investigator Lectureship nominations
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 1 October to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 1 October
Registration deadline for Cooperative phenomena in framework materials
Deadline for Local Section and Interest Group Top-Up Fund applications
Upcoming Events
03 Sept
15 Sept
17 Sept
29-30 Sept
01 Oct
13-16 Oct
Member e-alerts
Meet the Editor: Kaushik Chatterjee, RSC Advances - 4pm-5pm IST
Member e-alerts
Chemical Science Symposium 2020
Member e-alerts
Cooperative phenomena in framework materials: Faraday Discussion
Spotlight: New Annual Report form for 2020

Last year, we asked you to submit your 2019 Annual Reports using an online form.

We felt that this was a balance of collecting the information we needed in a simple and clear manner, while also streamlining the process of collating data from over 100 reports. However, much of the feedback we received was that you want a report form that shows you an overview of all of your activities, which can be shared among the committee to be updated and edited easily.

Some committees very generously shared spreadsheets they use to gather information about ongoing and future events, and we have used these to create a new Annual Report Form using Excel.

We are looking for volunteers to beta test this new form over the coming weeks. We want to be sure that the new process works for you while maintaining the integrity of the data collection process - we want to use the information to celebrate the impact of our networks and your achievements, particularly during this tumultuous time.

Contact us if you would like to test the new 2020 Annual Report form

Communications from across the RSC

Here are updates about events and activities from our Outreach, Careers, Events, International, and Research & Innovation teams, as well as the Chemists’ Community Fund and RSC Publishing.

Free RSC Affiliate Membership for online event attendees: IG100
One positive outcome from the new online events has been the opportunity to engage with the global chemical sciences community. We have created a discount code for you to share during your events to encourage your event attendees who are not RSC members to become RSC Affiliate members for free and to join your network.

Affiliate membership doesn’t need a degree transcript or CV, your attendees simply need to complete the application form at and use the discount code IG100.

Download slides to use to promote the offer during your events

RSC Science Divisions Online Symposia
Our Science Divisions warmly invite you to join a fortnightly Wednesday series of free online symposia to hear about the latest research in your community and network with colleagues.

During each online event you will hear from keynote speakers, including RSC Prizes & Awards winners, alongside short talks from early career researchers. Each symposium includes an online networking session, open to all, which we hope you will take advantage of to discuss the latest research and make new connections.

The symposium series kicks off on Wednesday 9 September with the Organic Division, and will run once every two weeks.

Learn more and register here

Our Outreach Fund remains open and welcome to applications
Our Outreach Fund provides financial support to members, individuals and organisations in order to enable them to run chemistry-based public and schools engagement activities.

We recognise that during this period the nature of projects and delivery mechanisms may need to be revised and that individuals and organisations may choose to use this period to either reflect and evaluate current activity or develop new initiatives. In response to this and the changing needs of the community we are relaxing our restrictions to funding, in particular those costs associated with salary and freelancers fees. In addition, to lower barriers to funding we are increasing the upper limit of the small grant scheme to £5,000 and moving to consider applications for small grants on a monthly basis.

Our September deadlines are Monday 14 September for both small grant (up to £5,000) and large grant applications (£5,000 to £10,000). Please visit our website for further details on applying during this period or get in touch with the team.

Find out more about eligibility, criteria and restrictions here

Announcing our new journal – Environmental Science: Atmospheres
We are excited to announce our new gold open access journal, Environmental Science: Atmospheres, a cross-disciplinary journal spanning the entirety of Earth’s atmosphere, advancing the understanding of atmospheric science and related challenges.

Led by Neil Donahue (Carnegie Mellon University), Environmental Science: Atmospheres is a new space for connecting communities and inspiring new ideas.

Visit to learn more or submit your paper

Latest updates on our policy work

With a programme of activities spanning research funding, mobility of scientists, open access, chemicals regulation, teacher supply, curriculum and much more, our goal is to shape the development of policy relevant to the chemical sciences.

Research and Development Landscape Collective
Our Research and Development Landscape Collective is a new group for members who want to provide their evidence and insights to help us inform and shape UK government policy on research and development (R&D) – everything from funding for R&D to commercialisation of research, international collaboration, mobility of researchers, open science and research culture.

You can contribute as and when you want. In return, we’ll keep you informed of our research and development landscape policy work and how we’re using it to change UK government thinking.

Join our Research and Development Landscape Collective now

Thank you for reading!

This Newsletter has been tailored to you, but the full version can be found on the Networks Newsletter blog. Please read the online version and get in touch with suggestions for what you would like included or feedback about what we've sent you!

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Kind regards,

The Networks Team
Fiona, Aurora and Debbie

Posted by Aurora Walshe on Sep 1, 2020 2:30 PM Europe/London

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