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RSC Division Review: Update for member networks

This month in the Spotlight, the Division Review Advisory Group are sharing an update on the ongoing review of the RSC Divisions. Contact with any comments or questions.

During 2020 we initiated a review of the structure, role and purpose of Divisions.

The review was proposed by the Member Communities Board (MCB) in response to the most recent Governance Review. MCB set up an Advisory Group consisting of Division Council members past and present to carry out the review with a view to ensuring that the full potential of the Divisions can be achieved with clarity over their function and purpose.

Part of the review has been to seek input directly from members through a survey. The survey was conducted in early July and 356 members responded to the survey (56% of whom were MRSC and 32% were FRSC). 78% of the respondents were from the UK.

Key findings include:

Motivation for joining Divisions
To keep up to date with developments in the sector (45%)
To feel part of a community of chemists (40%)

Most valuable aspect of being in the Divisions
To have visibility of RSC activities (37%)
The Division makes a positive impact in the community (23%)

Interactions with Divisions
Attendance at events, meetings and conferences (20%)
Involvement with committees and councils (20%)
Via Division communications (20%)
No interaction (18%)

Purpose of the Division
To bring together members with similar interest to form a network and represent the community (27%)
To promote and raise the profile of the chemical sciences (22%)

These data together with a series of interviews, external benchmarking and activity audits, has confirmed to the Advisory Group within its early discussions that:
  • Clarity is required around the role of the Divisions and their relationships with other RSC groups
  • More effective mechanisms are required for communication
  • The language and nomenclature associated with Divisions should be reviewed

The Advisory Group is now developing its proposals and will present a set of recommendations to MCB in March 2021. MCB will then submit its plans to the Board of Trustees in April.

Please keep an eye out for future communications around the outcome of the Division Review.

Please contact if you have any queries about the survey, and thank you in advance for your support.

In case you missed them, please see these previous updates about the Divisions Review in the Networks Newsletter:
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Posted by Aurora Walshe on Feb 1, 2021 2:00 PM Europe/London

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