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Commonwealth Chemistry, The Federation Of Chemical Sciences Societies

This month in the Spotlight Rachel Thompson, our Programme Manager for Commonwealth Chemistry and a part of the Commonwealth Chemistry Secretariat, introduces Commonwealth Chemistry and tells us about some of the Federation’s recent achievements.

Contact Rachel if you have any questions about Commonwealth Chemistry activities or projects.

What is Commonwealth Chemistry?
Commonwealth Chemistry is a unique collective of over 40 Commonwealth countries that brings together individuals, communities, chemical societies and other organisations working in the chemical sciences to develop networks, promote collaboration and address shared challenges set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Royal Society of Chemistry is one of 23 member chemical societies and provides funding and the secretariat.

Commonwealth Chemistry holds its first AGM, Congress and launches its website
  • Commonwealth Chemistry recently hosted its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually, which brought together 56 representatives from across the Commonwealth. Highlights of this included the appointment of the first President, Dr Vicki Gardiner, an introduction to the Federation and to all the member societies, a review of current and future plans and a lively Q&A session.
  • Immediately following the AGM chemists from across the Commonwealth came together for the 1st Commonwealth Chemistry Congress. More than 400 chemists from 38 Commonwealth countries joined this three day virtual event. The opening session, a panel discussion on ‘Chemistry and the Commonwealth’ explored the Congress theme of ‘Partnership for the Goals’. Six scientific sessions, with 24 plenary and 80 flash talks, focused on chemistry’s contribution to the UN SDGs showcasing a wealth of scientific excellence from across the Commonwealth. The final session brought leading figures together to share their career experiences with the early career chemists in an interactive panel discussion. All sessions ran twice at different times with different panellists and speakers to ensure inclusivity and that all Commonwealth countries could join live.
  • Commonwealth Chemistry has also recently launched its own website with information about the Federation and for its member societies and the wider Commonwealth chemistry community

What’s next for Commonwealth Chemistry?
  • Coming up in September will be the 2nd online Commonwealth Chemistry Posters event bringing together early career chemists to share their research, discuss their ideas and make new connections and networks
  • Then later in the year a webinar on ‘Taking Chemistry to Market’ will bring together leading experts in this important topic to share their experience in an interactive forum.
  • More details of all future Commonwealth Chemistry activities will be found on the website.
Posted by Aurora Walshe on Jul 1, 2021 2:00 PM Europe/London

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