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Networks Newsletter - December 2021

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the final Networks Newsletter of 2021.

Before we share the December news and updates, we would like to thank you for all that you have contributed to our community this year and wish you and your loved ones a safe, joyful, and restful holiday season.

This month’s Newsletter contains:
  • Upcoming Deadlines
  • Upcoming Events
  • Spotlight: COP26 recordings and reflections all now online
  • Communications from across the RSC
  • Latest updates on our policy work
Upcoming Deadlines
07 December
09 December
13 December
17 December
01 January
11 January
13 January
18 January
28 January
31 January
07 February
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 16 December to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 16 December
Deadline for Research Fund applications
Deadline for all E-alerts going out on 6 January
Deadline for Local Section and Interest Group Top-Up Fund applications
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 20 January to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 20 January
Close of nominations for 2022 RSC Volunteer Recognition Prizes
Deadline for submission of 2021 Annual Report
Deadline for Local Section inserts into March Chemistry World
Deadline for submission of signed 2021 year-end accounts
Upcoming Events
02 December
06 December
08 December
15 December
16 December
06 January
12 January
20 January
Member e-alerts
Organic Division poster symposium
RSC Inclusion and Diversity Forum 2021, 14:00 - 17:00 UK time
ChemCareers: Careers in computational chemistry, 12:30 UK time
Member e-alerts

Member e-alerts
Green Shoots panel discussion, 16:00 - 17:00 UK time
Member e-alerts
Spotlight: COP26 recordings and reflections all now online

Glasgow hosted the UN climate negotiations in November and our climate change policy advisor, Dr John Broderick has shared his reflections.

Our programme of over 20 events has also concluded and you can catch up with them or share with friends, students and colleagues. As well as the series on batteries and energy storage, there are chemistry perspectives on a range of climate-related topics including wildfires, plastics and agriculture.

The members' area also includes the four briefing sessions from experts outside of our community on carbon budgets, the history of UN climate agreements, contributions of chemistry to net zero energy systems, and the transformation of the power system.

Catch up on all COP26 Panels and Webinars online

Communications from across the RSC

Here are updates about events and activities from our Outreach, Careers, Events, International, and Research & Innovation teams, as well as the Chemists’ Community Fund and RSC Publishing.

2021 Annual reporting deadlines

As we approach the end of 2021, we would like to remind all officers of the upcoming annual reporting deadlines for member network committees.

2021 Annual Report: 28 January 2022
We shared the 2021 form with all Secretaries in February so that it could be completed throughout the year. Read our step-by-step guide or watch our training video for help to complete the form and why we need the information we ask for.

Contact the Networks Team if you have any questions or feedback about the form or process - we will try to incorporate all of your comments as we prepare the 2022 form.

Download and complete the 2021 Annual Report by 28 January 2022

2021 Annual Accounts: 7 February 2022
This year the member network Cashbook will need to be signed digitally via DocuSign; all Treasurers and Chairs will receive information about the new signing process from the Networks Finance Team in the coming days.

Learn more about the year-end accounts in our Guide for Treasurers

Nominate now for 2022 Volunteer Recognition Prizes 

Our Volunteer Recognition Prizes celebrate those who go above and beyond to form communities and support and inspire others.
  • Our Awards for Exceptional Service recognise exceptional volunteering activity in service to the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Our Inspirational Member Awards recognise individual members who, through our member networks, have been instrumental in introducing and driving new ideas and approaches to support the breadth of our community.
  • Our Inspirational Committee Awards recognise member networks committees that have initiated novel activities or approaches in order to engage or provide services for their communities.

Send us your nominations by 18 January 2022

Updated call for committees template available

We have updated the text of the e-alert template to open a Call for Committee members to include a note that all committee members are expected to uphold the RSC code of conduct. This change is in response to feedback from one of our governance boards.

Download the new template here

Impact of Covid-19 and winter weather events

We would like to remind you all about support available from the Chemists’ Community Fund, the benevolent fund for RSC members, if anyone is experiencing challenging times due to the impact of Coronavirus, or by recent or future weather events

If a member is experiencing a negative financial impact themselves, or if their partner or dependants are, please suggest they speak to us. Please do share this message with colleagues and friends who may also be RSC Members and need our support.

While we recognise that the immediate practical support we can offer will be limited, we may be able to offer financial assistance. If you would like to discuss or request financial support, the Fund offers a completely confidential service. Please get in touch by phoning +44 (0)1223 853549, or by email.

Contact the Chemists' Community Fund team for information or support

Free 2022 membership for Apprentices

All apprentices can apply for free 2022 Apprentice membership until the end of February 2022 using the discount code APP100. Current members will automatically have their membership renewed for 2022 for free. Please share this offer with your networks and encourage all eligible apprentices and technicians to apply.

We are also thrilled to announce the "save the date" for our National Apprenticeship Conference and Graduation Celebration on 9 February. Registration will open in January and eligible members can apply for technician travel and training grants to cover costs.

Share RSC membership with work based learners for free using APP100

Guinness World Records® title for highest voltage fruit battery

In case you missed it, a new Guinness World Records® title for the highest voltage from a fruit battery has been set by the Royal Society of Chemistry and battery expert Professor Saiful Islam. The title showcases chemistry as a catalyst for change and drives enhanced education on sustainability and the impact of climate change.

Want to get involved? We'll be launching a Global Experiment in 2022 where we’ll be encouraging schoolchildren to investigate battery technology by making their own batteries out of coins and similar materials.

Read the full story online

RSC Inclusion and Diversity Forum 2021

Why belonging and inequalities in race and ethnicity matter
8 December (14:00 - 17:00 UK time)

The RSC Inclusion and Diversity Forum 2021 will take place virtually on 8 December, where we will be presenting findings of our research into race and ethnicity inequalities in the chemical sciences. We will also discuss our recently launched report A sense of belonging in the chemical sciences.

The keynote speakers will be Professor Ann Morning, discussing the importance of data collection and its challenges, and Professor Catherine Ngila, discussing global connectivity.

During this interactive event, a panel of experts from the global research ecosystem will discuss Influencing Change, the winners of the 2021 RSC Inclusion and Diversity Prize will receive their award, and a poster session will feature a number of community-driven projects supported by the RSC Inclusion and Diversity Fund.

Learn more and register by 6 December

2022 Schools' Analyst Competition

2022 Schools' Analyst Competition: finding the perfect formula for fish and chips

The Schools' Analyst Competition enables school students to expand their analytical chemistry knowledge through practical experiments with real world applications.

In 2021 the Competition changed format: the competition coordinator, Graeme Turnbull, created 200 kits containing samples and equipment for up to ten teams of three to participate in a flexible challenge that fit around the school timetable. The 2021 competition saw 249 schools apply for 200 kits, and the format had overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and teachers. As a result, the 2022 competition will be run in the same way and has been expanded to support 300 schools.

Graeme Turnbull, the competition coordinator, has 300 kits available for distribution to schools across the UK and Ireland. Each kit contains samples and equipment for up to ten teams of three to participate in a challenge that fits around the school timetable. If you are based in the UK or Ireland, please spread the word within your networks so that as many schools as possible apply. More details and a link to register may be found on the event website.

For logistical reasons, the kits are not available for schools outside the UK and Ireland, however if you would like to create a similar scheme for schools in your country, the Networks Team can connect you with Graeme to discuss the competition format and share experiences.

Read Graeme’s full report on the 2021 competition

Latest updates on our policy work  

With a programme of activities spanning research funding, mobility of scientists, open access, chemicals regulation, teacher supply, curriculum and much more, our goal is to shape the development of policy relevant to the chemical sciences.

A sustainable chemistry curriculum for a sustainable planet

We asked young people and educators about their views on sustainability and climate change within the chemistry curriculum, and we shared the results in a new report. Visit our webpage to find out what they told us – from their views of careers to their opinions on priority topics.

We will be discussing the outcomes of the report in an online panel discussion on 12 January featuring leaders in education and policymaking.

Learn more and register online for our Green Shoots panel discussion

Thank you for reading!

This Newsletter is sent to all member network volunteers monthly as a tailored communication, but the full version can be found here each month. Please read the online version and get in touch with suggestions for what you would like to be included or feedback about what we've sent you!

Send us your feedback

Kind regards,

The Networks Team
Fiona, Aurora and Debbie

Posted by Aurora Walshe on Dec 2, 2021 2:00 PM Europe/London

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