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May Networks Newsletter

  • RSC Books – New title: The Science of Ice Cream
  • September Inserts for Chemistry World
  • Volunteer Resource Area
  • RSC Networks Blog
  • Younger Members Symposium 2012
  • The Science of Materials Summer School
  • Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World 2012 Lecture Series
  • RSC Events Deadlines
Dear Member,
Welcome to the May edition of the Networks Newsletter.  These monthly newsletters aim to keep all member networks updated with news describing how to get involved, as well as information of relevant events, services and new initiatives from the RSC Networks Team.
Ice Cream anyone?  The Science of Ice Cream - NEW 2nd Edition
The second edition of this bestseller aims to show how much science there is in ice cream and in particular the link between the microscopic and macroscopic properties. It has been fully revised and updated with new material being added on nutritional aspects and developments in new products and processes for making ice cream. The book has authenticity and immediacy of being written by an active industrial practitioner and is ideal for undergraduate food science students as well as those working in the food industry. It is also accessible to the general reader who has studied science to A-level and provides teachers with ideas for using ice cream to illustrate scientific principles.
For more details on this exciting new title, or to order your copy today, please visit the website.
First Edition Reviews:
“....a good mix of technical information and more general access science aimed towards the lay reader or those in the middle stages of secondary school.”
Physical Sciences Educational Reviews
“The book is not just a textbook for those in the ice cream industry (although I'm sure it will become the standard text for ice cream technologists for the foreseeable future); it is also a great book for showing that science is both fun and relevant to our everyday lives.”
Chemistry World
September inserts for Chemistry World
If you wish to add an insert or programme card to the September edition of Chemistry World, please note that the deadline to send print-ready Word documents is 30 July. Templates for the programme cards are available on request from
One programme card and up to 3 inserts can be included; inserts are single or double sided, black and white and printed on A4 paper. Please send your inserts and/or programme cards to by 30 July at the latest.
Local Sections and Interest Groups

Volunteer Resource Area
We have now created the Volunteer Resource area on MyRSC, accessed via the knowledge centre.  This provides access to a variety of resources available to our members to help when planning and running events on behalf of the RSC.
RSC Networks Blog
The RSC member services team will be updating the Networks blog each month with reports and summaries of the activities of the various Networks.  Any RSC Section or Group wishing to have something added to this blog should email their request to
Read the latest post about the South East Local Section schools and public events during 2011.
RSC Events
Younger Members Symposium 2012 - 13 June 2012
The RSC’s Younger Member volunteers are hosting an event that provides a chance for younger members to present their work at a symposium dedicated to them. Prof David Phillips will give the keynote talk at the symposium with sessions on three broad themes for the afternoon; industry, academia and education and public engagement.
One of the speakers for YMS 2012, Prof. Mark Miodownik, is currently hosting a BBC4 series called "How it Works". This series looks at the use of metal, plastic and ceramics throughout history and, of course, explains the chemistry behind it all. The next episode is on Monday at 9 pm, but you can see all the episodes on iPlayer.  You can register for the event by following the link. (
The Science of Materials Summer School 1-3 July 2012 - University of Sheffield
The Science of Materials Summer School is a 3-day residential course which gives chemistry teachers access to cutting edge materials science research which they can use in their teaching. Held at Sheffield University, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the course gives teachers exclusive access to their laboratories and equipment, and offers them the chance to learn from researchers.
The course is made up of
  • Lectures and seminars providing information about the latest advances in materials science
  • Practical experiments which can be taken away and used in school. These simple experiments present existing material as materials science and also offer opportunities for extension material for the more able pupils
  • Discussions focusing on career opportunities in materials science  
Who should attend?
The event is aimed at chemistry and science teachers who want to learn more about the latest advances in materials science and how these can be used in their day to day teaching.
Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World 2012 Lecture Series
Following on from the ‘Chemistry for Tomorrows World’ lecture series in 2010, the RSC are launching a series of high profile Roadmap events throughout 2012 focusing on the areas identified in our 2009 report Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World: a roadmap for the chemical sciences. These events will bring together an audience of academics, industrial representatives and policy makers to engage in lively discussion focussing on the challenges facing our society and how chemists can tackle these issues.
The last event in the 2012 Roadmap series was the ‘Solar Fuels and Artificial Photosynthesis’ event on the 17th May.
Scientists around the world are working towards the goal of developing technologies to harness energy from the sun to produce fuels for transport, industry and electricity generation. Fuels produced using solar energy would transform our future energy options by providing an alternative to fossil fuels.  The RSC Solar Fuels report introduces another long-term goal for science and technology in the quest to harness solar energy: producing fuels using sunlight. The idea is to capture and deliberately store solar energy in the chemical bonds of a fuel.  The RSC Solar Fuel event took place on May 17th enabling key leaders in the solar fuels research field to come together to celebrate the release of the RSC’s report.  The event provided an excellent opportunity for these scientists to discuss the current situation and take part in an interesting debate on the direction of solar fuels research.  View the lecture online here.
For more information about upcoming events visit the website.

Major deadlines coming up – check out the individual websites for more details and all the key dates.
Sustaiable Design Guide Workshop
6 June 2012
The Chemistry Centre, London, UK
Event approaching - register now!
A Celebration of Organic Chemistry
15 June 2012
Cardiff University, UK
The programme features Nobel Laureates Akira Suzuki and  Ei-ichi Negishi.  Free to attend, but you must pre-register to guarantee your place.
Event approaching - register now!

Developing Expertise in Practical Chemistry - for Newly and Recently Qualified Chemistry Teachers
Dates and venues across the UK
Events approaching - register now!

Molecular Reaction Dynamics in Gases, Liquids and Interfaces: FD157

25 - 27 June 2012
Assisi, Italy
Final registration deadline:
25 May 2012

Meet the Universites: Live
30 June2012
The Chemistry Centre, London, UK
Final registration deadline:
15 June 2012

Science of Materials Summer School
1 - 3 July2012
Univeristy of Sheffield, UK
Final registration deadline:
1 June 2012
Analytical Research Forum 2012
2 - 4 July 2012
Durham University, UK
Final registration deadline:
1 June 2012

Meet the Universites: Online
2 - 4 July 2012
MyRSC Online Chemistry Network
Event approaching - register now!
Soft Matter Approaches to Structured Foods: FD158
2 - 4 July 2012
Hof van Wageningen, The Netherlands
Final registration deadline:
8 June 2012

Challenges in Inorganic and Materials Chemistry (ISACS8)
19 - 22 July 2012
Toronto, Canada
Final registration deadline:
15 June 2012
Crystallisation - a Biological Perspective: FD159
23 - 25 July 2012
Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
Final registration deadline:
22 June 2012

Challenges in Nanoscience (ISACS9)
31 August - 3 September 2012
Xiamen, China
Poster abstract and early bird deadline:
6 July 2012
Posted by Sarah Hobbs on May 29, 2012 4:09 PM Europe/London

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