These monthly newsletters aim to keep all member networks updated with news describing how to get involved, as well as information of relevant events, services and new initiatives from the RSC Networks team. If you require further information about any of the items in the newsletter, or have any comments or ideas for content please contact the Networks team.

Committee members and representatives are encouraged to disseminate this information, as appropriate, to colleagues and other members. E-alert request forms can be downloaded from the Useful Forms and Documents page. Up to date lists of members can be obtained by emailing the Networks Team.

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Archive for August, 2022
Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the August Networks Newsletter, our way to keep our member network committee members and representatives up to date with RSC activities, services and new initiatives.

This month’s Newsletter contains:
  • Upcoming Deadlines
  • Upcoming Events
  • Spotlight: A reminder about following the latest guidance
  • New Officers’ Drop-In session
  • Postponed- Volunteer Survey Presentations
  • Communications from across the RSC
Upcoming Deadlines
01 August
08 August
09 August
11 August
23 August
25 August
31 August
05 September
05 September

06 September
08 September
19 September
August deadline for Chemistry Week Sustainability funding
Deadline for applying to join the Chemists' Community Fund Committee
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 18 August to additional networks
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 18 August
Deadline for E-alerts going out to additional networks 1 September
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 1 September
Deadline for Researcher Development Grant applications
September deadline for Chemistry Week Sustainability funding
September Deadline for Outreach Fund
Deadline for E-alerts going out to additional networks 15 September
Deadline for E-alerts going out on 15 September
Deadline for Inclusion & Diversity Fund

Upcoming Events
04 August
12 August
17 August
18 August

06 September
12 September
14 September
14 September
20 September
21 September
21 September
21 September
26 September
28-29 September
04 October
18 October
20 October
Member e-alerts
New Officers’ Drop-In session, 10am-12pm (BST)
ChemCareers 2022: Careers in data science
Member e-alerts
North West Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
Burlington Consensus 2 Hybrid Event (more details to come)
Wales Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
Mentoring Training
North East Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
Ireland Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
Volunteer Survey Drop-In
National Conference for Science Technicians
South West Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
3rd Commonwealth Chemistry Poster event
South East Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
Scotland Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting
Eastern Regional Steering Group Autumn Meeting

Spotlight: A reminder about following the latest guidance
This month in the spotlight we want to remind our officers of the importance of following the latest rules and guidance from the RSC.
We at the Networks team sometimes get emails from our volunteers saying that “this is how we have always done it” or “we’ve never had to do this before”, often in response to a reminder on current RSC rules and guidance.
We appreciate that our members are volunteers, and we try to make sure that we communicate any updates clearly to you through the Networks Newsletter. We seek approval from Member Communities Board for all updates to the rules and we only make changes when absolutely necessary.
We would like to remind our volunteers to review our current rules and guidance: Read the full article on the Networks Newsletter blog.
If you have any questions or are unsure about the correct procedure in a particular situation, please do email us at
New Officers’ Drop-In session

The Member Networks team at the RSC will be holding an online drop-in session for our volunteer officers on Friday 12 August 10am-12pm (UK time). This drop-in is aimed at recently appointed officers of RSC volunteer committees, but all officers are welcome to attend.  
The Networks team will present a short talk on officers’ roles and where to find support. Then there will be an opportunity to ask any questions about our volunteer guidance and processes.
You will need to register to attend this drop-in. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. The meeting will be recorded so if you cannot make this time, you will be able to see a video version later.  

Postponed- Volunteer Survey

Due to staff illness, we unfortunately had to postpone our planned sessions presenting an overview of the outcomes of the Volunteer Survey. We are aware that many of our volunteers are busy during the following few weeks, so we will rearrange the sessions for Wednesday 21 September. To take into account the different time zones in which our volunteers live, we will deliver this presentation twice during the day, the first session will be at 08:00 BST and the second will be at 14:00 BST.
They will be held on zoom and will last an hour we will record the sessions and will share a recording of the presentation.
To join the sessions please use the links below (Both sessions will have the same content, so you only need to attend one):
Volunteer Survey – Wednesday 21 September 2022 (08:00 – 09:00 BST)
Volunteer Survey – Wednesday 21 September 2022 (14:00 – 15:00 BST)

Communications from across the RSC

Here are updates about events and activities from our Careers, Inclusion & Diversity and Chemists’ Community Fund teams, as well as RSC Publishing.

ChemCareers 2022: Careers in data science, 17 August 12.30pm (UK time)
As a chemical scientist, you’ll have experience in handling, analysing and modelling data. These skills can present opportunities for careers in a diverse range of areas such as the financial sector, healthcare, the environmental sector, manufacturing, the supply chain and marketing. Sign up for this webinar to find out more about careers within data science.

Find out more

Mentoring training 14 September, 2.00pm – 4.00pm (UK time)
Mentors find the experience of helping another member rewarding as they help them to grow and 'address their own challenges, considering their relationships at work and thinking of the future'. If you are a Member or Fellow and are interested in becoming an RSC mentor, there is a mentoring training session scheduled 14 September. See our events page for further information.

Find out more

The National Conference for Science Technicians returns for 2022

21 September 2022, 10.30am–4pm 
Leicester, UK 
Technicians working in any sector are invited to join us at the National Space Centre for a one-day conference in partnership with the Royal Society of Biology and the Institute of Physics. The conference is free to attend – if you know anyone who might be interested, across any technical role, pass along the information.

Registration closes 14 September.

Sign up for the conference

Do you have a great idea that could help make the chemical sciences more inclusive and diverse?
We believe that for chemistry to prosper, it must attract, develop and retain a diverse range of talented people. Chemistry should be for everyone.

Apply to our Inclusion & Diversity Fund before 19 September for up to £5,000 to help make your project a reality.

Find out more an apply

Register for 3rd Commonwealth Chemistry Posters (28-29 September)

This free online early career poster event is the only chemistry posters event that is delivered by and for Commonwealth countries.

Posters will be available to view for 48 hours with three live two-hour sessions to maximise networking opportunities between chemists from different countries.

This event is open to all Commonwealth residents and nationals. Encourage early career chemists within your network to submit an abstract or join us to discover talent from across the Commonwealth – you can also sign up as a judge via our website.

Places are limited so register early.

Learn more and register online

Call for Chemists’ Community Fund Committee Members- 8 August
There are currently a small number of vacancies on the Chemists’ Community Fund Committee.

This Committee has delegated authority from the RSC Board of Trustees, within an agreed framework and budget, to shape the work and increase the impact of the Fund. The Fund is proactively expanding its activity to achieve greater impact for our community.

To ensure that we maintain a balance of skills and experiences from across our membership on the Committee we are currently seeking those who have:
  • Experience working at a strategic level.
  • Experience as a member of another board or committee, including those outside of the chemical sciences, e.g., a charity focusing on social disadvantage, poverty, health, disability.
  • An empathetic understanding of the current issues that may be impacting the wellbeing of individuals and groups within our community, e.g., mental health, financial matters, diversity, and inclusion concerns.
  • Knowledge of existing support mechanisms available for key audiences such as students, Postdocs, those working in SMEs and technicians, and any gaps in provision.
  • The ability to support and challenge the Fund managers and staff.
  • Time to commit to the role. (Three full day meetings per year, usually hosted in Burlington House in London, but also hybrid via Zoom, as well as a small number of decisions supported via email between meetings).

Personal lived experience of poverty, disability or long-term ill-health will be welcomed, and we will also consider the diversity across the Committee members.

If you are interested in one of the few current vacancies please contact Anna Dearden, Secretary, Chemists’ Community Fund Committee, by Monday 8th August 2022, detailing how you meet these knowledge and skills requirements, and why you are interested in this opportunity.
Alternatively, after this date we would still be keen to hear from you about the Chemists’ Community Fund vacancies arising in the future.

Chemical Science Symposium 2022: Sustainable synthesis and catalysis

Under the banner of our flagship diamond open access journal, Chemical Science, we’ll be shining a spotlight on cutting-edge chemistry research and giving it the sort of attention that drives scientific progress and makes a difference.

This hybrid meeting is the next iteration in the Chemical Science symposia series hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry.  We’re excited to welcome delegates back face to face at the home of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and look forward to a conversation enriched by the online participation of our international community.

We warmly invite you to join us in London, or online, in November 2022, for the fourth 
Chemical Science symposium, and look forward to welcoming you to the discussion.

Find out more and register

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