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RSC At The Big Bang - Get Chemistry Challenged!

The Big Bang Fair launches Thursday 14th March, and the RSC will be there!

The Big Bang Fair, and the associated National Science and Engineering Competition, is taking place at London's Excel Centre this year. the RSC will be in attendance for the first time, and we're sponsoring the special Royal Society of Chemistry Prize!

If you're visiting the show, come and see us at stand FCS4, in the 'Farm to Fork' section. We'll have:
  • A brand new chemistry iPhone game to show off
  • Against-the-clock chemistry challenges with our Gridlocks games
  • A live investigation into sunblock creams - do they work?
  • A sporty challenge, based on our 2012 Global Experiment
  • Fascinating spectroscopy demonstrations from Imperial College
  • Careers info, and more.
As for prizes, we have been working with the organisers to reward the best young chemists with the RSC Chemistry Prize. You can get involved, with our Chemistry Challenge worksheets. RSC CEO Robert Parker will be there to reward the winner(s). Ada Yonath, legendary Nobel Prize-winning chemist, was also present*. 

We've added Chemistry Challenge information for 2013 and 2014 to Learn Chemistry - check it out there, and be inspired by astronaut and former chemist Helen Sharman, or come and visit us at Big Bang!

[*CORRECTION 18/03/2013 - I'd formerly stated that Ada Yonath would be judging the RSC prize]
Posted by Duncan McMillan on Mar 12, 2013 2:57 PM Europe/London

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