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Mapping Chemistry

I've long been a fan of Google Maps, and I was pleased indeed to see the combined efforts of Chris Lloyd from SSERC in Scotland and England's adopted son Andrea Sella, in the creation of two new chemistry landmark Google maps.

Scotland Chemistry MapFirst, north of the border, Chris Lloyd has used the brand-new Google Maps Engine to create an interactive map of locations in Scotland in chemistry history, organised around three headings: Births and Deaths, Educational Work, and Workplaces, Monuments, etc. Use the menu panel to tick or untick the categories.

For England, Wales, France, and beyond, see UCL prof. Andrea Sella's Chemistry Landmarks map, showing "places where chemists and other leading scientists worked, lived, or died in the UK."

Both maps are works in progress, and will be added to and updated in due course. In fact, you can add locations for Scotland to Chris's spreadsheet, or contact Chris via MyRSC. You can get in touch with Andrea at 'a dot sella at ucl dot ac dot uk' [spelt out to avoid spambots...].

If you're a teacher, why not combine these maps with our spiffing On This Day in Chemistry interactive calendar, to help unpick the places, personalities and events behind modern chemistry. Happy exploring!
Posted by Duncan McMillan on May 13, 2013 4:19 PM Europe/London

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