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In Search of Solutions added to Learn Chemistry

As the end of May draws near (where has the time gone?) it is time for the latest legacy resource to be added to Learn Chemistry. At the request of David Everett, active member of the Talk Chemistry forum, the pithily titled In Search of Solutions: Some ideas for chemical egg races and other problem solving activities in chemistry is now available to view on Learn Chemistry. Searchable by individual tasks or as the whole book, it “provides teachers with a useful resource of chemically-based problem solving activities, egg race style experiments and further ideas for use in the classroom - all of which highlight the fun of chemistry”.

In Search of Solution is a collection of challenges, also known as egg races, which originally took-off in the early 1980s. Some of these egg races are competitive, others are investigative, either way practical problem solving with a chemical flavour has remained popular.

Some activities included teachers will have been doing for years, others will be new to them, but all are great fun. They can be used not only to enhance a topic taught in lesson time, but also as an end of term activity or in science clubs. But why should students have all the fun? They have also been used to promote chemistry to the public and inside there may be some good ideas for open days and for parents and governors!

Teacher notes are provided and give an indication of some of the approaches used by students and teachers when tackling the different problems.

Some of the egg races include: A birthday cake candle timer, Name the liquid, The ups and downs of chemistry and Quick jelly, as well as 46 others. The names are intriguing; have fun discovering what their challenge is!
Posted by Alexandra Kersting on May 29, 2013 5:28 PM Europe/London

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