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New curly arrow tool for Mechanism Inspector!

Mechanism Inspector, the second of our two interactive organic resources has undergone updates too! The main change is that it is now touch screen friendly having been converted to HTML5! This means Mechanism Inspector fun on the move!

The second main addition to the site is brand new curly arrow tool. Double- and single-headed arrows are covered in the context of single bonds, carbonyl bonds and C=C double bonds. The new tool allows students to explore the concept of curly arrows and how they are used to denote the movement of electrons in the breaking and formation of bonds.

The tool allows students to understand the implications of choices when deciding where a curly arrow should start and finish. It also highlights the pushing nature of electron movement. There is also feedback for the student why they were right or wrong in their choice, so often lacking in organic resources.

There are more investigations to solve once students have developed their core investigative skills.

There are also now printable flow charts to help students ask the right questions when thinking about reactions possible with particular starting materials.

Whether Mechanism Inspector is useful for testing what students already know before starting a new organic topic, or as a revision aid before exams, we hope the new additions will be a another helpful tool for teachers and students alike in their battle to understand organic mechanisms!
Posted by Alexandra Kersting on Jun 17, 2013 10:56 AM Europe/London

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