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Communicating Chemistry added to Learn Chemistry

June’s newest legacy resource has been added to Learn Chemistry, although this time we’ve gone for a Higher Education direction. Communicating Chemistry is designed to help undergraduates develop a variety of communication skills in their degree courses.
Title of exercise Key feature(s)
  1. The Fluorofen Problem
Team problem solving
  1. Scientific Paper Workshop
Comprehension/Problem solving
  1. Computer Keyboard Skills
Basic computer skills
  1. World Wide Web Treasure Hunt
Information retrieval
  1. New Chemist Article
Writing a concise report
  1. Dictionary of Interesting Chemistry
Information retrieval/Concise report wiring
  1. Hwuche-Hwuche Bark
Team work/Problem solving
  1. Annual Review Presentation
Oral presentations
  1. Interviews and Interviewing
Interview skills
  1. Poster Presentations
Preparing posters
There are two key themes underpinning the design of the book. Firstly, as communication skills are learnt rather than taught, the exercises provide students with many opportunities for first hand practice and experience. Secondly, the exercises are all set in a chemistry context, so students see the skills as interesting and relevant, and are encouraged to discover, explain and use chemistry. The aspects of communication skills identified in the pack are:
  • information retrieval;
  • written delivery; 
  • visual delivery;
  • oral delivery;
  • team work; and
  • problem solving.
Each section includes a summary, including background and proposed timetable, information for students and a detailed tutor guide.

The exercises typically require approximately two hours of contact teaching and ten hours total work from the students. A whole module could be run using some or all of the exercise, or each exercise stands alone.

Hopefully, these resources will help students grasp some important skills, not necessarily taught with chemistry in mind!
Posted by Alexandra Kersting on Jul 2, 2013 10:53 AM Europe/London

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