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Some recent updates to Learn Chemistry

We've continued to beaver away at the Learn Chemistry site and systems over the last few months, and the results of some of that work went live last week to our students and teachers of chemistry around the world. Here's a short update to keep our users in the loop.

The systems powering Learn Chemistry are now more robust and reliable. We also think it's made searching and browsing our thousands of chemistry resources a little faster!

We've added a 'null search'. You can now hit search on Learn Chemistry without entering a search phrase to get a listing of everything in that category. For instance, select ‘information and data’ and hit 'Search', and you’ll get all 2101 substance and other information items.

Faces of chemistry Careers with chemistry page is live. We've embedded the National Stem Centre careers widget into the page, loaded with science career results. Reach the Faces of Chemistry site via the ‘More’ menu at the top of every page.
We've also squashed a couple of strange bugs, and made some other behind-the-scenes improvements. Those hidden changes will soon become more visible when we add exciting new functions to our flagship home for chemistry education later this year!
Posted by Duncan McMillan on Jul 17, 2013 10:25 AM Europe/London

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