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Back To School

Students (and maybe even teachers) may dread the return to school in September. But for us working on Learn Chemistry it's something we've been anticipating since the northern hemisphere summer began back in June.

These usually lazy months have been industrious ones here at the Royal Society of Chemistry. Here's just a flavour of what you can expect from us during the coming days, weeks, months, and the rest of the school year:

- Online experiments. We're following up our successful 2011 water pH global experiment, and our Olympic-themed 2012 investigation, with the Chemistry of Health-themed Vitamin C global experiment for 2013. Around all that, we'll be launching the first phase in our plans to support and promote experimentation in all its forms - online and off.
- New Brand, new Learn Chemistry. The Royal Society of Chemistry has a refreshed brand - including logo, design, and brand identity. We'll be splashing this around our handsome Learn Chemistry site before long.
- HE Learn Chemistry update. With guidance from our Higher Education and Industry team colleagues, we've refreshed and enhanced our pages devoted to HE.
- Hundreds more resources. Available right now: loads more 'legacy' RSC resources, new collaborations with ABPI and Edinburgh's The Solar Spark, new Periodic Table videos, clips from Peter Wothers' lecture DVD series, additions to Mechanism Inspector, and more...
- One for the wall. We've updated our exceedingly popular Periodic Table wallchart. With bold new colours and design the chart will have both a fun Visual Elements side (with images supplied by Murray Robertson) and a more functional, but no less colourful, side.
- More support for students. Learn Chemistry will be featuring more and more material to help secondary students build their study and thinking skills, plus resources from our ChemNet network.
- A spit and polish. We'll be updating our homepage and improving the way users experience Learn Chemistry and find resources specific to their needs.
- Assess to impress. Some new developments to support student asessments, with hundreds of questions developed for our resources over the years, plus some new material.

This is all I have on the back of my proverbial napkin for the moment. Have a look around Learn Chemistry, and whether you're new to the site, or here for the first time let us know what you think, using the feedback link on every Learn Chemistry page.

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Posted by Duncan McMillan on Sep 4, 2013 1:13 AM Europe/London

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