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The Global Experiment And Chemistry In Health

I am pleased to share with you the launch of the Global Experiment 2013: It would be great to have as many schools and families take part as possible worldwide! Take part now.


The experiment is open now for data entry and allows you to analyse the levels of vitamin C in a variety of foods. The experiment tests multiple scientific skills like averaging data, error analysis and data interpretation. You can simply test two food groups and upload that data, or look in depth from four different experiments to see the effect of cooking, aging and location (grown) on vitamin C levels.

We have carefully designed the experiment so it can be completed at home or in school. The use of materials widely available in supermarkets, pharmacies or Amazon using simple kitchen equipment we hope gives the experiment wide appeal.

We have also launched a new Chemistry in Health themed microsite. It contains many useful links to education resources and the global experiment itself.
Please visit the site located in the ‘More’ menu on the navigation bar in Learn Chemistry.

The Global Experiment is the most engaging way to take part in the celebration of chemistry and health. This year’s Chemistry week is from the 16th-23rd of November so please plan your activities in advance and take advantage of all there is on offer.


Posted by Lee Page on Sep 16, 2013 3:20 PM Europe/London

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