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Chemical Education @ Danceroom Spectroscopy

I am really pleased to be sharing the exciting plans of Dr David Glowacki's Chemistry Education by Danceroom Spectroscopy. The Royal Society of Chemistry has sponsored David to produce chemistry education content pitched at year-9 curriculum. This material is delivered as an outreach activity using his wonderfully engaging danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) technology.

Chemistry Education at dancerrom Spectroscopy

About the technology: Using multiple Microsoft Kinect cameras in a dome environment dS is the world’s first immersive chemical dynamics framework. Combining rigorous physical chemistry, high-performance computing, and interactive video game technology, it allows people to literally step into a chemical dynamics simulation and control molecular behaviour using their real-time motion.

On the 24th-26th October; David will be implementing phase I of the education programme covering topics like atmospheric molecular structure, solid/liquids/gases and molecular vibrations. This will be presented as 10min tutor groups followed by dance interventions which will physically communicate the dynamic differences and energy transfers to the student as they move around the dome. This video highlights the potential of the dS

As part of the sponsorship the Royal Society of Chemistry plans to utilise some of the captured video footage as an education resource for incorporation into Learn Chemistry. We will also look to develop the existing dS software framework into a tool for use directly in schools. There are also future live events planned at the London Barbican in March 2014 and the London Science Museum in April/May 2014.
Posted by Lee Page on Oct 18, 2013 5:06 PM Europe/London

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