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Online Experimentation On Viscosity (a Free Resource)

As part of the Learn Chemistry team investigating uses of online experimentation. I wanted to share a really nice example of what can be done with an online experiment.

This is a great opportunity to help research into experimental language and memory. Please try out this new resource with your class. The experiment looks at a series of viscous liquids and allows measurement of the viscosity by remotely timing a ball as it falls through the liquids.

The research is hosted by the University of Southampton and is engaging for KS4-5 students of Chemistry or Physics. Please share this free site in your school and between departments, it would be great to have as much participation as possible.

When the experiment has been completed the experimenter is asked to create a write-up using one of three randomly selected questionnaires. The results can be printed and shared in class but are also used to aid research at Southampton to see what is remembered about the experiment and what is recorded under different circumstances.

Cerys has agreed to be the contact from the University of Southampton if there are any question on either the research or technical problems on the website itself. Cerys.Willoughby@soton.ac.uk

Posted by Lee Page on Nov 18, 2013 2:47 PM Europe/London

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