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Inspire young scientists - our spring 2017 theme

From January 2017 we’ll have a new education resource ‘theme’ to share with teachers across the UK and Ireland. 

Each school term we team up with our regional Education Coordinators to share and promote a handful of resources and tools for teaching chemistry in line with a particular theme. Previous themes have included ‘Bring your own device’, ‘Practical skills and assessment’, and ‘Space’. We publish the theme as a cardboard bookmark – a keepsake with links to five key resources.

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Our Spring 2017 theme will be ‘Inspiring young scientists’, and for the first time we’ll focus on Primary and Key Stage 3 (and equivalent) chemistry. The theme lists five resources selected from over 160 in Learn Chemistry, and includes a link to the whole set, now complete with rich supporting information to help teachers make better use of our resources for primary teachers.

Here they are: To access well over 100 primary resources (including those listed above), with supporting information and curriculum links, visit Learn Chemistry

All our theme resources are free to access on Learn Chemistry, but if you want one of our lovely bookmarks you’ve two options:
  1. Ask your local Education Coordinator.
  2. Download, print, and guillotine your own.
I think you should choose option 1. Our coordinators are experts in science education and outreach, and will be making particular efforts to support primary teachers in 2017.

Posted by Duncan McMillan on Dec 14, 2016 2:22 PM Europe/London

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