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RSC Regional Bursary Scheme 2018

Are you a teacher or technician at a Learn Chemistry Partnership (LCP) school?  If so, we are delighted to announce that during the Autumn Term of 2018 we have a Bursary Scheme running which will support LCP teachers and technicians to attend workshops and courses delivered by our team of regional Education Coordinators. This knowledgeable, locally based team offers advice and support on teaching and enriching the chemistry curriculum as well as face-to-face workshops and professional development courses on topics and areas of local interest.

Bursaries of up to £50/€60 for travel expenses and up to £200/€220 for full day cover costs are available for selected events. Email your Education Coordinator to find out whether any LCP events are eligible in your region!  

If your school is not yet signed up to the Learn Chemistry Partnership, then it’s not too late.  Simply fill in the registration form here. As well as regional workshops, you’ll also get access to a wide range of resources to assist in your teaching, such as Education in Chemistry magazine and a 50% discount on our online professional development courses

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

Please note that bursaries will only be available to LCP teachers and technicians until the end of 2018. Bursary claims for are limited to one claim for travel and one claim for cover per person during this period. Local conditions may apply, so please speak to your Education Coordinator for further details.

Bursary costs must be claimed within 28 days of attending the LCP event so to ensure that your claim is quickly processed please get a letter from your Principal confirming the costs of your cover, then attach it to your completed  Member/Non-member Expense form before submitting it to your Education Coordinator.  You can submit a separate expenses form for your return travel (attach receipts and/or details of mileage) or alternatively have all the information on one form and have your school reimburse you for travel costs.
Posted by Emily Howe on Aug 20, 2018 5:55 PM Europe/London

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