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Visit us at ASE for new ideas and support for your classroom

Join us at the ASE conference in January to get new teaching ideas for your classroom, support your department and join the conversation for science education.

The ASE Annual conference, held at the University of Birmingham in 2019, is the largest science education development conference in Europe.  We will be there from 9-12th January to support all teachers of chemistry, whatever your specialism.

Come to our stand
We’d love to see you at our stand (AS27) where we’ll be showing you:
  • How you can bring the International Year of the Periodic Table into your classroom through new activities.
  • How you can help to shape our products and services for teachers.
  • What support we can over you to enhance your teaching and support your whole department.
Find support tailored to you and your school
We will also be running consultancy conversations to discuss how the RSC can support you to improve your chemistry teaching or build an effective science department.  Register now for a time slot and tell us what topics are most important to you.  On the day, we’ll discuss these topics with you and show you how our resources and services can support you.

Join our discussions
As well as at our stand, we’d love to see you at our talks:
  • Framing the chemistry curriculum
    Thursday 10 January, 11am-12pm, ASE talk number 455
    Take the opportunity to contribute to our development of a vision for the chemistry curriculum. We’ll be debating some of the key topics identified in our consultations so far, asking you to think about things like curriculum size, progression and assessment.
  • Framing the sciences — what makes a scientific discipline? 
    Thursday 10 January, 2-3pm, Joint with ASE, IOP and RSB, ASE talk number 457
    Discuss the nature of scientific enquiry across the different sciences and how we can characterise the individual sciences, whilst also highlighting the common approaches. You will have the opportunity to contribute to our proposals for improving curriculum in the sciences and move on from suggestions of a single ‘scientific method’.
  • What makes a great science department?
    Thursday 10 January, 4-5pm, ASE talk number 218
    Join us for an interactive panel discussion, with ideas and practical steps to help you develop a vibrant, effective science department. Our experienced panel will share some of their own insightful learnings and recommendations, before a wider discussion where we want you to contribute your own ideas and experiences. Whether you are a newcomer to science teaching or an experienced leader, this event will offer inspiration and ideas to help you power up your science department.  
  • How the secrets of science writing can improve science teaching 
    Friday 11 January, 3-4pm, ASE talk number 217
    Drawing on the experience of a magazine editor, a science journalist and a science teacher who writes professionally, this session will give you the benefit of three perspectives on science writing and reveal how media professionals create compelling science stories. Learn how to engage people with science, spark their curiosity and keep them coming back for more. Discover how editors choose and package stories, get tips from a journalist and author on how to hone your own writing, and share in the experience of a teacher who has developed science writing as part of her career.
  • Science GCSEs: exploring different models of organisation and timetabling (Talking Science debate)
    Friday 11 January, 4-6pm, Joint with ASE, IOP, RS and RSB, ASE talk number 208
    Consider the logistical challenges facing schools in delivering comprehensive science provision… 
Get a discount on conference tickets
If you’re at a Learn Chemistry Partnership (LCP) school, you’re eligible for a 25% discount on conference tickets from Wednesday – Friday.  To get the code, just drop us an email with your school name.  Or fill in this form to sign up LCP. 
Posted by Emily Howe on Nov 30, 2018 9:13 AM Europe/London

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