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Chemistry for the Gifted and Talented


Tom Joliff's Chemistry for the Gifted and Talented contains a range of activities to stretch the more able students in your class. These range from su doku style activities (which I'm personally less fond of) through to much more interesting concept and model challenging activities one of which I've attached after the jump....


Having recently mentioned one of Keith Taber's misconceptions resources on ionic bonding it seems appropriate to look at a similar resource from Tim's book.

Tim's resource provides a stimulus that draws students attention to the fact that for the oxidation of magnesium, the combined ionization and electron affinity is very endothermic and provides them with a concept cartoon-style series of student's explanations for this. The idea, much like with Keith's resource is to get students thinking beyond the simple two body electron transfer idea of ionic bonding they often get stuck on.

It could be done individually and there is an answer sheet which discusses the merits and / or weaknesses of the statements on the student sheet but it would be of even more value to get a small group of students discussing it. 

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Posted by Declan Fleming on Jul 17, 2011 9:09 PM Europe/London

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