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Chemistry Demonstration - Reaction of Copper with Nitric Acid

The last Education in Chemistry features a lovely, and striking, demonstration of the reaction of copper with Nitric Acid - December's Video of the Month on the Talk Chemistry home page.

As Declan Fleming, author and host of the accompanying video, explains:

The dramatic reaction between copper and nitric acid ought to be seen by all post-16 students. It provides an excellent opportunity to explain observations using the electrochemical series and makes the point that there's more to consider about an acid than its dissociated protons. As well as showing how dramatically copper reacts with nitric acid, this adapted demonstration also uses the high solubility of nitrogen dioxide to initiate a pleasing fountain.

Check out the Education in Chemistry article for full details of the procedure and accompanying safety notes, or watch the video below:

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Posted by Duncan McMillan on Dec 5, 2011 11:38 AM Europe/London

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