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The Big Chemistry Demonstration at ASE 2012

Current and former RSC Teacher Fellows will be showing off some classic chemistry demonstrations at the Association for Science Education Conference and show on the 7th January 2012 (11.30 -12.30,  Gossage Lecture Theatre).

This is an interactive presentation, featuring demonstrations that teachers can use in their own classrooms. Be prepared to participate!

UPDATE (16/01/12): Peter Hoare, one of the illustrious demonstrators at ASE, has supplied the associated powerpoint presentation, now attached. Enjoy!

Details of every every experiment are available as downloadable resources. Below you'll find a list of the demonstrations, the demonstrator(s), and links to the resources.

Dr Catherine Smith, RSC Teacher Fellow, University of Leicester
Mr Declan Fleming, ex-RSC Teacher Fellow, University of Bath
Mrs Anne Willis ex-RSC Teacher Fellow, Northumbria University
Dr Peter Hoare ex-RSC Teacher Fellow, Newcastle University

1. Touchable bubbles 

Presenting: Everyone

2. Methane bubbles 

Presenting: Catherine
Resource:  CLEAPPS SRA 03

3. Hydrogen / oxygen bubbles

Presenting: Peter
Resource: RSC Resource B - 71 Exploding bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen

4. Acetylene Rocket 

Presenting: Declan
Resource: [Will appear in the March edition of Education in Chemistry]

5. Carbon dioxide bubbles

Presenting: Anne
Resource:  RSC Resource A - Bubbles that float and sink

6. Carbon dioxide / hot water with indicator 

Presenting: Anne
Resource:  RSC Resource B - 22 Indicators and dry ice: demonstration. [Video link]

7. ‘Seven beakers’ 

Presenting: Catherine
Resource: Amazing Materials Demonstrator Notes [See attached file]

8. Blue bottle experiment 

Presenting: Peter
Resource:  RSC Resource B - 48 The ‘blue bottle’ experiment [Video link]

9. Ni “en” complexes 

Presenting: Anne
Resource:  RSC Resource C - 93 Complexes of Nickel (II) with ethylenediamine [See attached file]

10. Copper / nitric acid suck back 

Presenting: Declan
Resource: Education in Chemistry - Nov 2011 [Video link]

11. Rochelle’s salt oxidation catalysed by Co(II)

Presenting: Peter
Resource:  RSC Resource C - 1 A visible activated complex [See attached file]

12. Elephant’s toothpaste 

Presenting: Anne
Resource:  RSC Resource C - 58 Catalysts for the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide [See attached file]

RSC Resource details:

A: Practical Chemistry Videos
B: Chemistry for Non-Specialists Course Book
C: Classic Chemical Demonstrations

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Posted by Duncan McMillan on Dec 15, 2011 11:06 AM Europe/London

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