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New Medicine Based Physical Chemistry Resources!

The second and concluding part of Reckitt Benckiser's Changing the Face of Physical Chemistry has now been launched. Challenging Medicine comprises of 50 resources with experiments, powerpoints and handouts. The Challenging Chemistry resources (including Challenging Plants, launched a few months ago) are about challenging our understanding of fundamental chemical principles and concepts and how they are applied to tackling global issues facing us over the next few decades.

The assets fall into one of two categories: information, background and ideas sheets, supported by powerpoints and video clips and practical activities, each with student and technician sheets.

The Challenging Medicine assets are sorted into themes of Body Chemistry, Making Medicines, Analysing Medicines and Physiochemical Properties. My favourites are the colorimetric analysis of aspirin (that can be used for other activities), students given the opportunity to make their own milk of magnesia and sodium bicarbonate ear drops and the rate of permeation of paracetamol through cellulose tubing.

The worksheets can be used individually or together as part of a theme of work, but however you choose to use them, we hope you’ll agree they are comprehensive and that little bit different compared to some resources!
Posted by Alexandra Kersting on Jul 30, 2012 4:27 PM Europe/London

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