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Exhibition Chemistry Is Here!

Last Friday saw the launch of yet another entertaining set of resources on Learn Chemistry. This time, it was the turn of “Exhibition Chemistry”, a set of 40 guides to dramatic practical demonstrations for teachers to carry out. There are demonstrations suitable for students ages 11-18, and they’re all guaranteed to capture their imaginations and show them just how exciting chemistry can be.

Originally written for our “Education in Chemistry” magazine by inspirational teachers who have perfected the experiments themselves, the articles give a step by step guide to carrying out the demonstration, along with how they can fit into chemistry topics and useful hints and tips for making the biggest impact!  From the explosive Thermite reaction, to making food cans fly, to demonstrating the weird properties of alloys in Magic Metals, these resources certainly show off the best that chemistry has to offer. We hope they can play their part in inspiring the next generation of chemists!
Posted by Elizabeth McLoughlin on Aug 28, 2012 10:43 AM Europe/London

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