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On This Day..

Which famous chemist was born on your birthday? How long have doctors been using anaesthetic? When was the first manmade diamond produced? What happened today?

You can find the answers to these questions and 363 more by visiting our brand new interactive chemistry calendar: On This Day in Chemistry.

The calendar contains hundreds of facts about historical chemistry that can be used for impressing your friends, researching projects, or just for a bit of interesting reading.

By clicking on a date in the spiral calendar you can find a brief account of the day’s event and links to further information, including relevant articles and even podcasts about the topic. You can also make additional searches using keywords, meaning that new articles or resources are constantly available.

These resources show Learn Chemistry and the RSC is a great place to find out more about chemistry, with links to chemistry games, tutorials, presentations, and much more.

Visit the website, pick a day and discover something about the history of chemistry!

Posted by Ruth Neale on Oct 4, 2012 9:41 AM Europe/London

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