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Protecting Us From The Sun

Have you ever wondered who makes the ingredients that go into a sun cream? Alice Miles did, and her curiosity led her to a career in sun cream formulation, the focus of our latest Faces of Chemistry videos. 

The newest addition to the ever-growing Faces of Chemistry collection sees Alice Miles and Dr. Robert Sayer from Croda show us how sun creams are made and how they help protect us from the sun
Alice Miles and Dr. Robert Sayer from Croda

The videos take us on an R&D journey from developing the metal oxide UV filters  through to making and testing the final sun cream formulations.

These videos are excellent examples of some of the real-life applications of chemistry topics taught in the classroom, such as emulsions, metal oxides and UV radiation, whilst providing insight in the sheer diversity of careers available to chemists.

Watch our sun cream Faces of Chemistry videos.

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What is Faces of Chemistry?
For those of you who aren’t already in the know, Faces of Chemistry is an exciting series of videos from the RSC, aimed at students aged 11-19. The videos give insight into real-life applications of chemistry and highlight the latest cutting-edge research involved in making new products and technologies. Produced in collaboration with leading chemical companies and academic institutes, Faces of Chemistry also showcases the diversity of professional careers available to students of chemistry. Other videos include packaging gases (BOC), organic solar cells (BASF) and hair colourants (Procter & Gamble).
Posted by Richard Grandison on Nov 8, 2012 11:38 AM Europe/London

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