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Science For Schools At The Royal Institution

The Royal Institution are continuing their great work inspiring the scientists of the future, following the successful chemistry-themed Christmas Lectures, supported by the RSC and featuring RSC Fellow Peter Wothers.

Ri's Katherine McAlpine has a guest post on a 'Science for Schools' event in March. Read on, and get involved!:

Our science for schools shows are jam-packed full of experiments, demonstrations and the odd explosion.

These popular talks for young people are given in our iconic theatre (the very one where the Christmas Lectures are filmed) at our headquarters in Mayfair. The sessions provide an entertaining investigation to a range of STEM subjects and really bring science to life for your students.

In this special half-day event for A level chemistry students, Andy Holding demonstrates how understanding a single reaction changed the world for ever, and Professor David Smith explores how essential chemists are to the miracles of modern medicine. Book tickets for this event.

A-Level Chemistry Day
Tuesday 19 March 2013
10.15-11.15   Alchemy and Air with Dr Andy Holding In the summer of 1909, Fritz Haber demonstrated a single chemical reaction that changed the world forever.

Join Dr Andy Holding  to find out about how he discovered the optimum conditions to produce the ammonia that produces our fertilisers, dyes, household cleaners and explosives. Bringing the Nitrogen cycle to life, this entertaining and demonstration-rich talk will look at the implications that a scientific formula can have on the world.
11.15-11.30  Comfort Break
11.30-12.30 Professor Dave's Amazing Molecules-Chemistry and the Human Body Professor David Smith aims to convince you that as important as doctors and nurses are to saving lives, without chemists, they would not be able to perform many of the miracles of modern medicine. 

By using demonstrations and audience participation, we will explore some intriguing biologically active molecules and discover how chemists can go about creating new drugs.
Tickets are £3 per person. Book here: http://www.rigb.org/contentControl?action=displayEvent&id=1399

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