Demystifying Synthetic Organic Laboratory Techniques or 'Not Voodoo X.4'

For everything you ever need to know about synthetic organic chemistry practical advice and tips:

The site 'Not Voodoo X'  has just been updated and the Purification section expanded with Distillation techniques and further updates will be added. The latest is ‘Flash Column Chromatography’
Please note: Further updates are being made daily and it's best practice to use the original link to see what changes have been made and the above 'Not Voodoo X.4' link is only a beta testing version before it's final release.

Another useful US-based Organic, Analytical and General Chemistry learning resource is Chemistry LibreTexts

Of course, don't forget the RSC's own LearnChemistry website for excellent resources for learning and teaching.
The RSC interactive Periodic Table app can be accessed from

The latest Synthetic Organic Chemistry iPhone/iPad app to be added is the well-known Organic Syntheses


IPhone/Pad Apps

This is my list of iPhone (most iPad also) apps which I have installed on my iPhone and iPad mobile devices, most are free. I do not endorse any apps but Chemistry World, ChemSpider, and RSC Mobile (iOS 10.3.3 for latter) are notable.
I have recently added NMR Solvent Peaks to aid identification of 'unknown peaks'.
Furthermore, see for a range of 'Molecular Materials Informatics' related apps.
I have also added the USA EPA apps: CompTox Mobile and m/z EPA CompTox
Also added is ChemTube3D

Update: The very latest iPhone/iPad apps to be added are the well-known Organic Syntheses and Isotope Browser by IAEA

NMR Solvent Peaks

ACS Mobile

C&EN Mobile 
Chemical Safety Data Sheets – ICSC
Chemistry By Design
Chemistry World
Isotope Browser
Organic Chemistry Essentials
Reagents – Metamolecular
RSC Mobile
At the first time of compiling this list and posting in 2012, and after later edits and additions, all the links to the apps were still valid. However, since then, some iPhone apps may no longer work (after iOS 12 updates) but will still work using iOS 10. My older iPad 4 still uses iOS 10.3.3 and all the iOS apps work there. If you use a Windows or Mac PC, or Android platform, please check and let me know of any problems with the links, or if any apps are no longer available, also of any appropriate new apps that can be added to the above list. There is still no MyRSC mobile app and so you can save a screen image from the link and using Safari on iOS devices and adding the image to the screen of the iOS device. Thank you.
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MyRSC Mobile NON APP image

Posted by Robert Slinn on Apr 1, 2019 2:07 AM Europe/London

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