"How do you see the future of the Chemical Sciences in the UK?"

Help shape the Chemistry Landscape, a vision for the chemical sciences in 2020, covering everything from ensuring that tomorrow’s chemists have the right skills to defining funding priorities for research.

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This is your chance to identify the actions needed to realise the vision and secure sustainable investment for the chemical sciences. Your contributions will be used to produce a report to influence governments, funders, industry, HEIs, schools and colleges.
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Developing a vision for UK Chemistry - slides from town-hall style meeting.

The RSC held a town-hall style meeting on 29 June with stakeholders from industry, academia, government and funding agencies to produce a vision for 2020:

The Chemical Sciences in the UK secure major and sustained investment in research and high value manufacturing due to their world leading research base and favourable business environment. The chemistry community brokers the right partnerships at European and international levels, reinforcing the UK’s position as a hub for global chemistry research, teaching and innovation.

Background and further information

Chemistry Landscape full document Read the full Chemistry Landscape document.
A document on the background to this project can also be found here.

If you would like any further information or have any difficulties, please contact chemistrylandscape@rsc.org

Defining the Chemistry Landscape.

Listen to short interviews from participants who attended the RSC town hall meeting held in London on 29 June.