DISCLAIMER: The Exchange

DISCLAIMER: The Exchange

Posted by on Jun 9, 2011 10:19 am

Please note: In addition to being subject to the general terms and conditions for MyRSC at  http://my.rsc.org/terms, use of these “Exchange” pages is also subject to the following additional terms:

Suppliers: The RSC welcomes your contributions to this site, however, please be aware that by offering goods or services you are warranting that:
  • You are the owner of the goods and/or entitled to donate them.
  • The goods are in serviceable/working order, with any faults or defects clearly mentioned in the description
  • Services will be provided by you.  Please do not offer services to be provided by other people.
  • Any skills and qualifications stated in an offer of services must be true and accurate.
  • Your offer is stated in terms that are fair, honest and decent.
Recipients:  Although Suppliers are required to offer goods or services in accordance with the above rules, you hereby acknowledge that by applying for or accepting goods or services through these pages, you are agreeing that the RSC will not be liable to you under any circumstances for the content or accuracy of Supplier offers, or for the goods or services you may receive or fail to receive. The RSC gives no assurance or warranty that any goods or services offered by Suppliers are genuine, safe or achieve their stated aims. It remains the responsibility of each Recipient to carry out appropriate investigations before accepting or using the goods or services.
Costs:  All goods and services are to be donated without charge, although costs for delivery or other out of pocket expenses may be agreed directly with the Recipient.

Re: DISCLAIMER: The Exchange

Posted by Richard White on Dec 13, 2021 6:14 pm

I still didn't understand anything

Re: DISCLAIMER: The Exchange

Posted by Tony Spark on Feb 15, 2022 6:29 am

Of course because this was a decade ago. Responses are no longer necessary.

Tony (rep.  https://www.aucklandgasfitterspro.co.nz/)

Re: DISCLAIMER: The Exchange

Posted by Rajesh Bariya on Mar 11, 2022 11:15 am

The usage of drain tile began in agriculture more than 2 millennia ago. It was during the time of Egyptians and Babylonians employed drainage methods to eliminate excess water from the soil to enhance the growth of crops.

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