What would you like to see changed?

Re: What would you like to see changed?

Posted by Dr.NOOR MOHAMMAD on Mar 2, 2013 6:07 pm

everything is superb........................

hi house,

Posted by muyibat folami on Mar 3, 2013 2:15 pm

hi, i am a new e- member, i will like to know more about the ongoing discussion .keep me updated pls

Re: What would you like to see changed?

Posted by Robert Bowles on Mar 4, 2013 8:27 am

Sandy Johnstone:
Hi Robert

I'm a relative newcomer to this site and I have to say my first impressions are not fantastic.

One of the first things that needs doing is to bring the Users guide up to date. For example, it tells me I should be able to link to Chemical connections and the virtual library - both of which looked really interesting, but I can't find those links, and presume they've been removed. Also what is the 'Status' box for? It doesn't seem to be explained in the guide. I've also had a number of 'technical' issues and clicked on the FAQ link for help, but unfortunately this doesn't have many answers to using MyRSC!

Some other aspects I found 'irritating':
I tried searching for other people I might know and, when the search threw up multiple names, I had to re-do the search after looking at any profile, rather than being taken back to search results
The 'invite others' button at the side of my start page produced an error message when I tried to use it (button on navigation bar worked)
Having sent invites and requests for contacts, I don't appear to have any record of the requests sent 
There seems to be no option of adding/ editing message sent with invites
Looking at some posts, the dates given don't appear to show the year and it is impossible to tell how old they might be
Clicking on some post links I am told I'm not allowed access, presumably because I'm not on the teachers / students networks - so why have these links appearing on the main site?
I do think the site has huge potential and would have loved to have such a resource in my younger days, but at the moment, to me, it seems to fall a bit short of what I would expect, bearing in mind the RSC is the professional body for chemists.

Sandy Johnstone

Hi Sandy, just so you know your ideas about the enhanced invite functionality have been submitted to the platform provider as a feature request so may be included in an updated version of the site in the future.

Re: hi house,

Posted by Robert Bowles on Mar 4, 2013 8:33 am

muyibat folami:
hi, i am a new e- member, i will like to know more about the ongoing discussion .keep me updated pls
Hi Muyibat,
You can subscribe to the latest content  via the blogs via the MyRSC notifications button on the front of the site. Also when you post new topics in any of the discussion forums youa re automatically subscribed to that content so you should get a message saying the topic has been updated, unless you turn the site notifications off in your account settings.
Let me know if you need any more help.

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