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I keep receiving invitations to join the "Electrochemistry Group" . I am already a member of this group. The invite tells me that this is in adfdition to being a member of the "RSC Electrochemistry Interest group". Within MyRSCGroups there is no "Electrochemistry Group"  So the questions are as follows 1) Why am I being invited to join a non existent group? 2) Why is there a need within MyRSC to have duplicate groups. Surely  the "RSC Electrochemistry Interest group" will cover exactly the same demopgraphic and topics as the "Electrochemistry Group". I for one do not need emails from the two "different" groups containing the same information.
N Cade

Re: Groups

Posted by Phil Yates on Jul 23, 2014 3:41 pm

Dear Mr Cade,
Thank you for making contact through this public forum.
I have checked your records and you are currently a member of the MyRSC 'Electrochemistry' group. This is a public group  which any site user can join.

I note that as a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry you have chosen, as part of your membership, to join the 'Electrochemistry' Interest group. Many, but not all, of our Interest Groups have MyRSC groups to represent them on this site.
Having looked into your individual case, the reason why you were recently sent a single invite to join the MyRSC 'Electrochemistry' group is because the email address that you have chosen to use to log in to MyRSC with is a different email address to the one we hold as your stated preferred contact email address on the RSC central records.

You should not have been sent multiple email invites to join this group. If you were, please forward them to me at as this is something I will need to look into further.

With best wishes

Phil Yates
MyRSC Manager

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