Visibility of confidential files

Visibility of confidential files

Posted by Phil Yates on Jul 28, 2014 3:26 pm

Dear all,
I thought I should send out a reminder that if you are uploading confidential files to MyRSC, you must ensure that the 'share in gallery' box is unticked when you are uploading the file.
If this box remains ticked, your file will be shared in the public site-wide file gallery which any registered site user can see and download.
A quick way to check through all the files that you have previously uploaded to MyRSC is to go to 'my content' on your homepage, then 'my files'. This will bring up a list of all the files you have uploaded. If any of them are publicly visible, 'yes' will appear next to that file under the 'public' column. To change this visibility, click on the relevant file thumbnail symbol and then untick the 'share in gallery' box.
If you have any concerns or would like any assistance with the above, please contact me directly.
With best wishes,
phil yates
MyRSC manager

Re: Visibility of confidential files

Posted by Tony Spark on Oct 7, 2021 4:09 am

I always check the document or file before inserting it. I am glad I have seen this.

rsc member,  Plumbing services team

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