Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Andy Kowalski on Nov 9, 2015 12:33 pm

Dear All

Having recently retired from a career in HEI and also worked  in pharmaceutical industry  and would like to pass on importance of the above topic as I believe it to be able to help those working in all areas of Chemistry and some who are still studying.

I have come across  quite a few instances whereby for whatever reason individuals have left their subject choice and gone on to do something totally different and this is after spending maybe 3-4 years pursuing a  degree and then something has happened  and they have abandoned waht they are started. Not only is  this frustrating for them but a waste of financial and time resources. These individuals need to be identified and helped and this is where  I can help as not only have i worked as a chemist but also hold both coaching/mentoring skills but also worked  as a manager where there was alarge concentration of both under and post graduates.

Every individual is unique with their own skillsets  who need to be developed, while the majority have agood idea of how they want  to progress once they have their degree others are not so sure and that is why I want to help.

I have been coaching and mentoring since completing my ILM Diploma and found it a very satisfying process to help people get on​​. Having been in a career rut and had  coaching support when it was needed, I was able to stay in the subject area and progress.

Please feel free to contact me via RSC if you think that it could help you.


Andy Kowalski MRSC MIScT MCMI

Re: Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Philemon Kiprono on Nov 9, 2015 3:58 pm

Dear Andy,

I like your counsel on the challenges of aspiring career chemists. I am 25 yrs and I graduated in December 2014 with a degree in Industrial Chemistry. However, I cannot seem to find a job that match my academic qualification as a chemist. I am considering pursuing an alternative career path as a professional athlete, maybe until I am 30-35 when I might hopefully come back to try a chemist path once more. What would be your advice to me? Should I pursue the alternative career? I will really appreciate your assistance. Best regards

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Posted by Andy Kowalski on Nov 9, 2015 6:46 pm

Dear Philemon

Thank you for your email and would like to advise you comprehensively.

First stage of this process would be to send CV to me so can see your background and get to know you better professionnaly.

I have resources available to do this so please bear with me as have been in that kind of situation before.

Don't give up on time spent and persevere,I to help

All the best


Re: Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Philemon Kiprono on Nov 10, 2015 3:39 pm

Dear Andy,

There is not much about my CV. Besides my undergraduate degree in Industrial Chemistry with Management (2.1), I have 6-months experience as an intern at a local textile factory. I have not worked anywhere since then, and I have no skills qualifications other than freelance writing. Thanks

Re: Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Andy Kowalski on Nov 10, 2015 8:06 pm

HI Philemon

Thanks for your reply, and suggest the following pathway  is followed re helping you!

Please send me a direct emil to so can then send you some attachements of files which can help you.

Did my email come to you from this morning as sent from my  private email address and had some info in there which you may find of interest.

You appear to have a good degree with management included so should be able to help you.

Take care and look forwrd to hearing from you

All the best


PS Are you on Linkedin?​​​​


Re: Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Andy Kowalski on Mar 28, 2017 8:58 am

Bon Jour jordanss123

​Je nais parlez vous pour Franciais, respondevous vous a Anglais si vous plait.


I do not speak or undersstand enough French so please send your messge in English so can assist you.

​Thank you in anticipation.


Re: Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Andy Kowalski on Mar 28, 2017 9:18 am

Dear All

​Further to my original post on this subject i updated my skills and obtained Accreditation from CPD standards board for my Coaching work. I have also done some groupd Mentoring work for DMU last year helping students who are about to graduate to acquire and discuss interview and presentation skills and have feedback on their questions regarding interview strategy.

​I also started to mentor a young man  via the SMF who is intent on studying STEM subjects at University and by early March this year had made his final choices so fingers crossed an dexams go well he should start his studies in London in October this year. I am also hopeful of continuing this work in 2017.

​Over the last 18 months ahve also been accumulating material that could be useful for Coachees and Mentees re job skills and long term development and this includes soft skils that are palying a greater role now than in the  past so it's useful to be aware of them aside of subject knowledge.

​I have also done some book reviewing from CMI Book club which has added to my knowledge base so this in long term can help people using this forum. Update of website has also been achieved and this can be reached at where further details can be obtained regarding development services offered.

​Finally, I also obtained Fellowship of the Chartered Management Institute in January of this year so those Chemists out there who are working at  the interface of Chemistry and Management and have questions regarding operations or other issues, please do not heistate to get in touch, glad to help.



Re: Coaching and mentoring

Posted by Andy Kowalski on May 25, 2017 8:28 pm

Willing to help so please eamil me to and will reply after Bank Holiday weekend.

​Also please visit website at  for ffurther information  on other services available.

​All the best


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