About Golden Rule Academy

About Golden Rule Academy

Posted by chris peterson on Nov 25, 2021 4:21 pm

The Golden Rule Academy has appeared as a follow-up of the St. Lucie Christian Upper School. It offers a friendly environment where students learn new skills with a high level of engagement. The academy has grown into a top-tier education institution for students of different ages from a small kindergarten group with three participants. We state that God is the greatest and is the center of our wisdom. Christian principles are deeply integrated into the curriculum. Thanks to Christian morals and principles, academia is 100% free of bullying in any form.

By visiting Goldenruleacademy.net, you will learn more about the reasons why parents choose our educational institution for their kids. We focus on providing a large number of instructions and teach new skills. For instance, all learners can find a comprehensive guide on fast essay writing. Using the guidance, students can make their academic tasks fast and maintain a high GPA. At the same time, we try to reduce scoring as standardized tests can hardly evaluate learners' knowledge and potential. Thanks to the forward-thinking approach, our students always achieve great academic results. Also, we pay a lot of attention to safety and athletics in our academy. 

Re: About Golden Rule Academy

Posted by Trevor Clarke on Nov 30, 2021 8:33 pm

The recent Australian case, which mentioned religious schools, shows that xtians are on the defensive. I think its all rather sad. Sergei Bulgakov the Eastern Orthodox priest began as a Marxist, using science to dissect economic problems. Prior to Lenin the Marxists were mainly the intelligentsia in Russia . His conversation to Kantian idealism was nurtured by solo'yev and heligian thought. Schelling was important too as divine wisdom , thought of as feminine called him to explore his faith. 
It is perhàps wise to keep a broad mind on these matter or like Herod one will get fort de colore, et meurte toute les enfants au-dessous deux ans. So to speak. Possibly the figure of Jesus is a sacred person to many, but whatever your opinion on divine conception, the possibility of a good education is desirable.

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