Be part of the world's biggest chemistry experiment

Take part in the Global Experiment 2013

Scotland: 8 June 2011
England, Wales and Northern Ireland: 22 June 2011

The Global Experiment is the most engaging way for you and your students to be part of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC).

It involves four simple experiments to collect important quality measurements of your local water. Once the data's collected, you can submit it through the IYC website, and your students' work will join thousands of others in the biggest ever chemistry experiment.

We're encouraging all schools in Scotland to do the experiments on 8 June 2011, and schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to do the experiments on 22 June 2011.

Once you have results to share with the global chemistry community, head over to the IYC2011 website to upload them.

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Click through to the IYC2011 website to submit your Global Experiment results and share your class's data with the world:

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UNESCO explains idea behind the Global Experiment