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    Welcome to the Applied Materials Chemistry Group. Formed from the merger of the Materials Chemistry and Industrial Inorganic Chemicals Sectors, this group focuses on industrial uses and opportunities for "effect" materials (i.e. materials which significantly enhance or determine the performance of a product), covering application areas, which include the following: selective adsorption, protection and controlled delivery of actives fuel additives, consumer goods applications (detergents, toiletries, healthcare etc), nuclear industry uses surface coatings water and waste treatment polymers and composites catalysts and catalyst supports, fire retardants ceramics and glass. We also have a LinkedIn group; look up Applied Materials Chemistry Group to find us there.

    Please note that membership of this forum does not equate to membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry Applied Materials Chemistry Group.
    Membership of the Interest Group is open to all members of the Royal Society of Chemistry - please email for further information.

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    The Applied Materials Chemistry Group is concerned with the applications of materials chemistry in industry, specifically the development of new materials for products and processes. We also have a LinkedIn group; look for Applied Materials Chemistry Group there.

    Burlington House, Piccadilly, London,, United Kingdom

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