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    The Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group (originally the Heterocyclic Group) was started by a group of UK based heterocyclic chemists, with the first scientific meeting in 1967. Membership is open to all RSC members and the group currently numbers over 900 members from all corners of the globe. The mission of the group is to promote heterocyclic chemistry of all types through the organisation of scientific meetings. Heterocyclic chemistry is interpreted in its broadest sense and we are the Specialist Interest Group closest to mainstream synthetic organic chemistry. This has been reflected by a change in the group in recent years, to incorporate synthesis. We are proud of our strong links with industry, reflected in the number of group members who work in the chemical industry.

    Please note that membership of this forum does not equate to membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry Heterocyclic and Sythesis Group.
    Membership of the Interest Group is open to all members of the Royal Society of Chemistry - please email for further information.


    2019 January Meeting and Grasmere 2019 details will be available soon.

    The new Secretary and Treasurer is Dr Susannah Coote, Lancaster University.

    January Meeting and AGM

    Friday 12th January 2018, Institute of Cancer Research, Chelsea.

    Please note that the date of this meeting has changed from the one originally advertised.

    Our annual London January meeting, to welcome the new chemistry year, will be held once again at the ICR, 237 Fulham Road, London.

    Confirmed speakers:
    Prof Olivier Baudoin (Basel)
    Prof Eva Hevia (Strathclyde)
    Prof Guy Lloyd-Jones (Edinburgh)
    Dr Susannah Coote (Lancaster)
    Dr David Daniels (Pfizer)
    Dr Ross Denton (Nottingham)

    We will be offering online registration with payment by debit/credit card. Online registration is now open!
    For those who do not wish to pay by card, we will still be offering the option of offline registration with cheque/cash/bank transfer.

    Please see the file posted on this site for further details (and offline registration if required).


    2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Group's first scientific meeting and we have celebrated the occasion at our two regular meetings, as well as a special one-day celebration combined with the Autumn Postgraduate Symposium.

    32nd Postgraduate Symposium and 50th Anniversary Celebration, 20th September 2017, Burlington House, London.

    Our annual postgraduate meeting was held at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. The meeting was followed by a drinks reception to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.
    Plenary speakers Professor Alison Hulme (University of Edinburgh) and Dr David Rees (Astex Pharmaceuticals), were accompanied by nine postgraduate short talks, chosen from a very competitive field of submitted abstracts.
    Thirty-six posters were displayed during the lunchtime session, with twenty-six students giving a flash presentation of their work.

    The standard was very high and the committee judges found it very difficult to choose the overall winners in each presentation category.
    The winners were Jessica Hill (Bristol), Fahima Idiris (QMUL) and Sahra St Jon-Campbell (Imperial).

    We were delighted that fourteen previous Chairs and Secretaries of the Group were able to join the two current officers, with fifteen of us gathering for a group photo during the evening reception. Dr John Boulton (Secretary/Treasurer 1983-1986) was not in the photo, having to rush off to catch his train.

    A report of the meeting, with photographs of the prizewinners and the Chairs/Secretaries, can be found on the RSC Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group website

    23rd Lakeland Symposium, Grasmere 2017, 4th-8th May 2017
    This was again a very popular and successful event, combining excellent science and walks in the beautiful Lakeland surroundings; we even managed to have sunshine! 
    Delegates enjoyed a high-quality programme, including our plenary speaker line-up (below), supporting talks from delegates in academia and industry, early career researcher short talks and a poster session.
    We look forward to seeing you at the 24th Grasmere meeting, 9th-13th May 2019.

    Plenary speakers at Grasmere 23:

    Neil Garg (UCLA) - RSC Merck Award winner 2016
    Nuno Maulide (Vienna)
    John Murphy (Strathclyde) - winner of the Charles Rees Award
    Ei-ichi Negishi (Purdue)
    Franziska Schoenebeck (Aachen)
    Paul Wender (Stanford)
    Ed Anderson (Oxford) - 6th Young Heterocyclic Chemist lecture

    January Meeting and AGM, Friday 6th January 2017
    This popular meeting was held in London, at the Institute of Cancer Research, Fulham Road. Talks were given by: Professor Jan Bäckvall (Stockholm), Professor Rainer Herges (Kiel), Professor Steve Marsden (Leeds),
    Professor Helen Osborn (Reading), Dr Steve Thomas (Edinburgh), Dr Will Unsworth (York).
    This was a very enjoyable day of excellent talks on a wide range of topics. We look forward to inviting you to next year's meeting on 12th January 2018.

    2016 meetings

    31st Postgraduate Symposium, 20th September 2016, Sygnature Discovery, Nottingham.
    This was a lively event, filled with excellent science. Talks were given by Professor Nigel Simpkins (University of Birmingham) and Dr Daniel Hamza (Sygnature Discovery) with 9
     postgraduate student talks, 15 flash presentations and almost 30 posters.
    The prize winners were:
    Best talk - Shuyu Chu, University of Oxford: "Cascade Reactions - Shortcuts to Gephyrotoxin and Morphine".
    Best flash presentation - Jamie Martin, University of East Anglia: "Asymmetric Copper-Catalysed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition Reactions".
    Best poster - Callum Stacey, University of Bristol: "Scalable Photochemical Synthesis of Azepane-2,5-diones".

    15th Joint RSC-SCI Meeting on Heterocyclic Chemistry (Anglo-Italian Meeting), Taormina, Italy, 12th-15th May 2016.
    An enjoyable meeting in a beautiful setting on the coast of Sicily. Congratulations and thanks are due to Prof Giuseppe Musumarra and Alessio Paternò for the organisation of this meeting.

    BMCS-H&SG Symposium on Synthesis in the Agrisciences, 14th April 2016, Burlington House, London.
    A one-day symposium to 
    showcase the key role that synthesis plays in the development of new agrochemicals. Speakers included Prof Ian Baxendale (Durham), Prof. Greg Challis (Warwick), Prof. Joe Harrity (Sheffield) and leading experts from chemical research in industry, with a lunchtime poster session. This was a vibrant and stimulating day, with a mix of excellent science.

    January Meeting and AGM - Friday 8th January 2016, Institute of Cancer Research, London.
    This popular meeting was held at the ICR in Chelsea, with a full house. An enjoyable day of science included lectures from Prof Tobias Ritter (Muelheim), Dr Nicolas Blanchard (Strasbourg), Prof Richard Brown (Southampton), Dr Gareth Howell (AstraZeneca), Dr Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz (UEA) and Dr Hannah Woodward (ICR).

    2015 meetings

    30th Postgraduate Symposium
    The Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group's 30th Annual Postgraduate Symposium was held at Lilly UK Research and Development, Erl Wood Manor, Windlesham, Surrey, on Thursday 10th September 2015. The prizewinners, kindly sponsored by the RSC journal Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, were:
    Best short talk: Patrick Brown, University of Edinburgh,  
    "Biomimetic Synthesis of Dimeric Phenylethanoids"
    Best flash presentation: Lee Eccleshare, University of Nottingham, "A Novel, One-Pot, Multi-Component Synthesis of Fused 8-Membered Carbocycles"
    Best poster presentation: Catherine Holden, University of Manchester, "The Benzyne Smiles Reaction: A Transition Metal Free Biaryl Synthesis"

    GRASMERE 2015
    7-11th May 2015.
    Congratulations to Prof Adrian Dobbs and Prof Chris Willis for a successful and enjoyable Grasmere.
    We hope to welcome you to the 23rd Grasmere meeting in 2017.
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    The mission of the Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group is to promote heterocyclic and synthetic chemistry of all types through the organisation of scientific meetings. Heterocyclic chemistry is interpreted in its broadest sense and we are the Specialist Interest Group closest to mainstream synthetic organic chemistry.

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