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Notice of Closure of MyRSC

The MyRSC platform will be retiring at the end of June 2024.

We have been working with RSC Member Networks, group owners and bloggers to review content on the platform and are contacting new users and the limited number of active users with information about the closure of the platform.

Community Engagement

There are still many ways to be an active member of the RSC community.

If you are already part of our membership community, you can connect with others in your local area and those with shared scientific interests through our existing member networks.

You can manage your membership of RSC Interest Groups by logging onto the Members’ Area of the website and add your chosen Interest groups and divisions online yourself, through your membership record. Please log into your membership record here https://members.rsc.org using your membership number as the Membership ID and then your password.

You may also be interested in being part of the RSC’s LinkedIn community online.

If you are not yet a member of the RSC, you can find out more about the many different benefits and opportunities available to RSC members as well as details on how to join.

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