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Naturals in Food Conference , Burlington House, London 12th October
A new one day event will have an excellent line up of expert speakers to cover key topics and challenges including: regulatory, safety, latest developments and consumer behaviour. For full programme and registration details go to RSC events or contact

Food Oral Processing Conference – RSC Food Group award winners
We are pleased to announce the two winners of the RSC Food Group poster awards based on scientific merit, industry relevance and presentation style.
- Mr. Jumpei Okawa from Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences for his poster presentation titled as “Impact of Masticatory Performance and Chewing Stokes on Retro-Nasal Aroma”
- Ms. Katherine Hurst from University of Nottingham for her poster titled “Impact of structural properties of solid snack food matrices on salt dissolution and salt delivery during food oral processing”
Their abstracts can be found in p115 (Okawa) and p132 (Hurst) in the following link.
There were 26 posters enrolled for award nomination at the 5th International Conference on Food Oral Processing, held at Nottingham University 1st-4th July 2018 and it was an excellent opportunity to connect industry and academic researchers


Call for 2018 Junior Medal Nominations

The aim of this Food Group award is to encourage and recognise excellence in early career scientists in the application of Chemical sciences to the study of all aspects of food. The award will be made for the most meritous contributions to food chemistry on the basis of published papers and other documentary evidence.
Dr Tolgahan Kocadagli was awarded RSC Food Group’s Junior Medal 2017, based on his contribution to Food Chemistry, particularly in relation to his research and publications on the Maillard reaction, aroma and acrylamide generation.

We are now calling for nominations for this years award from Industry and Academia and the nomination form can be downloaded from the Awards section of page. The deadline for submissions is 31st October 2018 and if you would like more information please contact the RSC Food Group Honorary secretary: 

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RSC Food and Function Journal page can be found here

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These are the MyRSC pages of the Food Group of the RSC. The aims of the group are to promote the role of chemistry in food and enable transfer and sharing of information and networking between academia and the food industry. This includes analytical, biochemical , chemical , physical , nutritional and toxicological aspects of food and food ingredients and the   composition and relationships between structure and functionality throughout the entire food chain in a way to enhance sustainability and food and nutrition security.
  • To foster an awareness of the importance of chemistry in the food chain.
  • To encourage interactions between scientists and technologists engaged in food R&D.
  • To help transfer such scientific research from ideas to applications.