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Food Group Junior Medal Winner 2017 - Dr Tolgahan Kocadagli
 The food and drink industry offers a great range of exciting careers for scientists and engineers.  
 There are many excellent role models working in food and drink that can inspire new recruits to consider a career in the industry.  Dr Tolgahan Kocadagli was awarded RSC Food Group’s Junior Medal 2017, based on his contribution to Food Chemistry, particularly in relation to his research and publications on the Maillard reaction, aroma and acrylamide generation.
 Having an interest in science from childhood, Tolgahan studied Food Engineering at Hacettepe University, Turkey, followed by a PhD and as part of the Food Quality & Safety Research Group (FoQuS) ran by Prof Vural Gokmen worked with many advanced analytical systems. This led to research on chemical changes occurring during food processing, particularly thermally induced changes.
 Tolgahan has investigated ways to minimise processing contaminants, whilst maintaining a desirable product, with research into mechanisms of acrylamide formation in cooked foods, now a key challenge to the Food Industry looking to minimise its occurance. He is looking to challenge the way we have been processing foods for centuries, requiring a multidisciplinary understanding of chemistry and engineering.
 Tolgahan has been a member of the Flavour Research Group during his post-doctoral research at the University of Reading and is currently working on an Industry sponsored project.    He wants to develop his career as an Academic food scientist , extending his research on food and health with focus on food processing and formulation and investigating chemical reactions and interactions. He hopes to secure funding for international projects and industry to collaborate and tackle global issues through food engineering solutions.

Dr Tolgahan Kocadagli (centre left) receiving the Food Group Junior medal from Dame Carol Robinson (President Elect on LHS) and Robert Parker (CEO on RHS) at the Awards ceremony held 21st February 2018 at Burlington House


Call for 2018 Junior Medal Nominations

The aim of this Food Group award is to encourage and recognise excellence in early career scientists in the application of Chemical sciences to the study of all aspects of food. The award will be made for the most meritous contributions to food chemistry on the basis of published papers and other documentary evidence.
We are now calling for nominations for this years award from Industry and Academia and the nomination form can be downloaded from the Awards section of page. The deadline for submissions is 31st October 2018 and if you would like more information please contact the RSC Food Group Honorary secretary: kathwhittaker6@g, 

The 5th International Food Oral Processing Conference, 1st-4th July 2018, University of Nottingham
The conference will cover the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of eating and oral processing. It aims to bring together scientists from a broad range of disciplines of oral processing and biology, food science and technology, sensory science, dentistry, biophysics and biochemistry, and human nutrition to present and discuss their latest findings on all topics of eating, sensory perception, food breakdown in the mouth, and simulated in-vitro oral processing among others. The RSC Food Group will be judging and presenting prizes during the conference.
The ISEAC-40- the 40th International Conference on Environmental and Food monitoring.
This established conference provides a forum for exchange of scientific knowledge in all fields of environmental and food analysis. Registration is open until 15th June 2018, and details can be found on events page or


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These are the MyRSC pages of the Food Group of the RSC. The aims of the group are to promote the role of chemistry in food and enable transfer and sharing of information and networking between academia and the food industry. This includes analytical, biochemical , chemical , physical , nutritional and toxicological aspects of food and food ingredients and the   composition and relationships between structure and functionality throughout the entire food chain in a way to enhance sustainability and food and nutrition security.
  • To foster an awareness of the importance of chemistry in the food chain.
  • To encourage interactions between scientists and technologists engaged in food R&D.
  • To help transfer such scientific research from ideas to applications.