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    7th Nursten Postgraduate Flavour Symposium 8-9th July 2019
    The winner of this year’s RSC Food Group prize for the best chemistry content was HuiQi Yeo, a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Reading. She compared beef and chicken flavour and isolated a series of new compounds which have chicken/meaty notes which haven’t been reported in chicken before.

    Also recognised for an excellent presentation was Emanuele Scollo who spoke about how he had used LC-MS to characterise the cocoa bean proteome.

    Plastics from Cradle to Grave and Resurrection a new 1 day conference was held jointly with SCI on 19th June 2019 at SCI London. The focus was on assessing challenges and opportunities for researchers, industry and government covering the full cycle of plastics and other replacement materials. The RSC and SCI Food Groups jointly sponsored a poster prize, awarded to Maria Pin-No for “Production and commercialisation of pinene acrylates and methacrylate: A sustainable alternative to common monomers” and best presentation prize to Alvin Orbaek White for “How to turn plastic waste into a commodity by using nanotechnology”

    RSC Food Group Junior Medal 2019
    Our call for nominations is now open to all early career scientists from industry and academia. For more information and to download this year’s nomination form please find under our Awards section above. Nomination deadline is 18th October 2019.

    Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
    The RSC Food Group has produced a Food Related Periodic Table, highlighting the function of selected elements in food chemistry, to celebrate this important milestone. It highlights element occurrences and roles in food and the body and offers an engaging tool for Outreach and educational activities.  See below for this month’s elements and follow the link on our rscfood webpage Food Related Periodic Table for more.

    August elements and their role in food are aluminium and helium




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    These are the MyRSC pages of the Food Group of the RSC. The aims of the group are to promote the role of chemistry in food and enable transfer and sharing of information and networking between academia and the food industry. This includes analytical, biochemical , chemical , physical , nutritional and toxicological aspects of food and food ingredients and the   composition and relationships between structure and functionality throughout the entire food chain in a way to enhance sustainability and food and nutrition security.
    • To foster an awareness of the importance of chemistry in the food chain.
    • To encourage interactions between scientists and technologists engaged in food R&D.
    • To help transfer such scientific research from ideas to applications.