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  • 6 Replies
    I see your point Keith.  I remember a little while ago Jim Al-khalili did a programme on the telly about smell and how quantum behaviour could explain observations that couldn'...
  • 1 Reply
    Thank you so much for this link Andrew. I just checked it out and it is amazing. Just perfect for this time of the year.Excellent revision resources.
    I most certainly will promo...
  • 6 Replies
    The problem with your explanation, Andrew, is that our smell dectors in the nose need single molecules - ie vapours - and since metals and their compounds (as I said in the origin...
  • 1 Reply
    A rates of reaction page has been added to www.boomerchemistry.com under the menu heading "A2 Taster".  Includes videos, notes, a quiz and exam questions with hints and expla...
  • 6 Replies
    Could very small particles of solid iron be responsible?  All materials shed particles - ask anyone that looks after a clean room.  If tiny particles got up your hooter they cou...
  • 6 Replies
    Thanks for these ideas - but I don't think 1-octen-2-one is the answer. The metallic smell comes from scouring iron (and stainless steel) saucepans with little contact with th...
  • 1 Reply
    I wonder if they added a bit more conc sulphuric acid for luck. This charring is common when using conc sulphuric acid as you see with the light brown colour.
    One issue with...
  • 1 Reply
    We had similar difficulties, in a university lab, and found that reducing the amount of sulfuric acid greatly reduced the charring, without reducing the yield.  The reductio...

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A group for all those teaching the chemical sciences. Here you can share resources, tips, and discuss anything which may be of interest.