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    Talk Chemistry - for chemistry teachersWelcome to the online network for chemistry teachers.

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    • 10 Replies
      This is the method I was taught at school and University in the 1960s.This film is from 2008. But don't let's quibble too much. There are many students in the country not even able...
    • 2 Replies
      I agree with Andrew's naming. I also use freeware, KnowItAll by Bio-Rad, to draw structures.
    • 10 Replies
      Interesting thread! I’m a (relative) oldie (A levels 79-81) but I’ve never heard of this dominant/non-dominant hand business? I am right-handed and have always preferred to...
    • 2 Replies
      First one, 2-iodo-4-methylpentane
      Other one, 2-chloro-4-methylpentane

      If in doubt, I draw the structure in Chemsketch (freeware) and get it to name the structure.
    • 2 Replies
      how can we name the following compondes?
    • 10 Replies
      A lot of my students, after the rough titration, let the solution out fast to near the end-point, then set up a one drop every two seconds flow rate. that way only one hand is needed...
    • 10 Replies
      When I was in the 6th form, in the late 1950s, I was taught to use the non-dominant hand because you were slightly pulling the tap into its socket. Doing it the other way could resul...
    • 10 Replies
      I would argue you have more control over the tap if you use your dominant hand.  I used to try to identify those students that struggled with titrations and get them to do a rough ti...

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    A group for all those teaching the chemical sciences. Here you can share resources, tips, and discuss anything which may be of interest.



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